Grande Macros 6.0 Patch 1 Release Notes

June 4, 2004

Changes Made By Patch 1 (other than the new Patch 1 setup routine described in Patch1.wpd):

1. New Macro: Temporary Orders (TempOrder.wcm) for divorce, separation, annulment and paternity cases. The document generated uses automatic paragraph styles. Associated WordPerfect macro and document files have been added to work with this new macro.

2. Enhanced Macro: Date & Math Calculator (GrandeMath.wcm). New options have been added in the math element so that a user can click a button to insert the result in either of the two "intake" boxes for numbers. Routines for VERY large numbers (e.g., quadrillion) have been improved to correctly deal with scientific notation. And, new options have been added to type math formulas and results into your WordPerfect document.

3. Fixed Macros: Application for Temporary Order (AppTO.wcm) and Divorce Decree (DivDec.wcm), both of which had the same glitch. If a user entered "blank" or "zero" values for parental incomes, error occurred. That happened because the macro attempts to arrive at parental percentages of income, and uses mathematical division to accomplish that. But, "zero" cannot be a number in division, and, so, error occurred. Blank or zero values will now work. Some items selected for temporary orders were not entered in the document, and that's fixed, too.

4. Fixed Macro: Child Support (Csupport.wcm). When writing a child support computation form, the "default" (first) lawyer would always be selected. That has been fixed.

5. Fixed & Modified Macro: Main Grande Macros Menu(s) (Grande.wcm). A couple of Library links to html or pdf files and a few "help" (?) buttons were not correct and nothing opened when clicked. That's been fixed. Other changes, largely cosmetic, have been made.

6. Fixed Macro: Joint Custody (Jcustody.wcm). When run in conjunction with the divorce decree macro, Party status names (e.g., "Plaintiff", "Petitioner") were not inserted where they should be and introductory sections of the joint custody plan were not included at all. These items have been fixed.

7. Fixed Macro: Certificate of Mailing (MailCert.wcm). At least one user got error messages when making a certificate of mailing. Hopefully, that has been fixed (although I was not able to duplicate the error).

8. Fixed Macro: District Court Cover Sheets (Cover.wcm). At least one user got error messages in the 3rd dialog. Although I was not able to duplicate the error, I rewrote some code which I'm hoping solved the problem.

9. Personal Setup Page: Information about WordPerfect 11 issues (and the automatic solution which Grande Macros provides for those issues) is more clearly emphasized in the Personal Setup document.

If you have any questions or problems, call me at 405-236-4004 or send me an e-mail at

Doug Loudenback