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Updated 3/28/2002

Read this page before you download and install a source file, below. I recommend that you print it for use during your install of the source file in Documents To Go.

The csupport.pdb file posted in the prior page was made in v3.005 of Documents To Go. Apparently, Palm files made in v3.005 are not compatible with v4.0 Documents To Go. So, the csupport.pdb file will probably not install when you add it to v4.0 Documents To Go.

To solve that problem, I’ve uploaded 2 spreadsheet source files: csupport.wb3 and csupport.xls. I’m a Quattro Pro user and the original file is csupport.wb3 (I didn’t save the file as csupport.qpw since v3 Documents To Go doesn’t recognize QPW files). In Quattro Pro, I’ve also saved the same file in v7 Excel format, and that’s the csupport.xls file. The 3/28/02 change in these files is simply to add zeros (0) in 8 user-data cells for other support paid, marital debt, health insurance and child care expense of the parents. Without those zeros, the cells transformed into locked cells when creating the PDB file with Documents To Go. This fixes that problem.

Aside from color variances, an important difference is this: The csupport.wb3 file has cell protection turned on for the spreadsheet so that you can only enter data in the 12 cells intended for user data entry (identity of the obligor, number of children, income, insurance and child care data). This prevents accidental change of formulas and descriptive data.

But, the csupport.xls file does NOT have cell protection turned on. The “save as” Excel file in Quattro Pro resulted in ALL cells being protected in the resulting XLS file - hence user data entry was not possible. The only solution was to turn spreadsheet protection OFF before “saving as” the Excel file. Be aware of this difference if you are an Excel user. You may want to open the file in Excel and make cells A1, A2, A6~A9 and B6~B9 unprotected cells and then turn on spreadsheet protection, generally, before using the file with Documents To Go.

General Instructions: After downloading either source file, open Documents To Go. Add the downloaded source file in Documents To Go and that program should do the rest. When you do your next Hot Sync, the csupport.pdb file should be added to your Palm.

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