Note by Doug Dawg: The following document derives from a PDF file located here at the City of Oklahoma City website. For additional Core To Shore information at the City's website, go here.

Project No. BC-0180, Pedestrian Bridge over I-40 in the vicinity of S.W. 9th Street and Harvey Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I-40 Relocation

The State of Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has commenced relocation of an approximate three-mile section of Interstate 40. The new alignment is being constructed five blocks south of the existing highway and is situated halfway between the downtown central business district and the Oklahoma River. Initial construction has commenced, with a scheduled completion date of 2012. Design for the section of freeway that includes the pedestrian bridge is underway, with the issuance of construction bids scheduled for late 2008. The pedestrian bridge will be constructed under a separate contract, but it is highly desirable that design of both projects be coordinated in order to facilitate simultaneous construction.

The pedestrian bridge was originally included in the project as a mitigation measure for the neighborhoods impacted by the new alignment. Subsequent planning for the impacted area (Core to Shore Plan) has significantly elevated the importance of the bridge in connecting both sides of the freeway. Civic leaders have also identified an opportunity to use the bridge as a vehicle for communicating the City's renaissance to freeway users.

The Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office has provided preliminary consent for the proposed bridge location, subject to review of the bridge design to assess the impact on the adjacent Union Train Station. The Union Train Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is located immediately west of the northern terminus of the proposed pedestrian bridge.

Pedestrian Bridge

The pedestrian bridge (30 feet wide and 440 feet long) will be constructed over the new, semi-depressed section of 10-lane interstate highway and the BN&SF Railroad, on the south edge of downtown Oklahoma City.

Estimated Project Cost -- $3,300,000

Core To Shore

The City initiated the Core to Shore land use study in mid-2006 in response to ODOT's plans to realign Interstate 40. New traffic patterns, the revitalization of the Oklahoma River, and the ongoing renaissance of downtown Oklahoma City were other important stimuli in determining the need for a major land use study in the area affected by the new highway alignment. The name Core to Shore stems from an appreciation of the importance of creating a strong connection between the central business district and the river. Core to Shore has several other objectives, including providing a new gateway to downtown through the construction of a new boulevard to replace the former I-40 alignment, mitigation of the negative impacts created by the new highway, and identifying opportunities for new civic uses, office and retail space and downtown housing.

To facilitate implementation of Core to Shore, in September 2007, the City Council authorized acquisition of areas designated within the plan for public use. These include (1) a large park stretching south from the current I-40 to the new alignment; (2) a proposed new convention center and hotel immediately east of the park; and (3) a smaller, promenade park, one block in width, continuing from the new alignment south to the Oklahoma River.

The pedestrian bridge over the new alignment will connect the two parks, allowing pedestrians and bicyclists unhindered access from downtown to the north bank of the Oklahoma River, and its popular pedestrian and bicycle trails. Pedestrians entering the bridge from the north side of the new I-40 alignment will pass between the Union Train Station and a proposed events center. The pedestrian bridge is to be located in an approximate north/south alignment with Harvey Avenue.

Supporting Data

The following recent studies can be used to assist in understanding the context for this requested study. These studies are available in an electronic version. SUBJECT LOCATION

Exhibit 1 - Core to Shore Redevelopment Concept [click image for much larger view]

Exhibit 2 - Close-up area of Pedestrian Bridge [click image for larger view]


The Selection Committee, consisting of community leaders and City staff, will recommend a "short list" of proposers, from which more detailed conceptual plans and model will be solicited. In selecting the best firm to complete the tasks to be accomplished as defined above, the Selection Committee shall evaluate all proposals. Finalists will be required to produce a conceptual design, along with a model of the design, and will be invited for interviews and presentations to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will then recommend a firm to the City Council for a contract.


Last date for submitting Letter of Interest eight (8 copies of letter and all attachments) to the Public Works Department Director, 420 W. Main Street, Suite 700, Oklahoma City, OK 73102: prior to 5:00 p.m., March 10, 2008.