Looking South on Broadway to Grand (now Sheridan), the 1902 Culbertson Building appears at the "jog" on Broadway. The building's location illustrates the effect of different survey crews surveying on the North and South of Grand which didn't match. Several Northbound Broadway pics were taken from the top of this building. In 1950s - 60s Southbound Broadway pics, look for the Phillips 66 neon sign on its top.

ABOUT THE "JOG". According to Terry L. Griffith, Oklahoma City, Land Run To Statehood, when discussing a different picture at p. 18: "A 'Jog' Is Created, 1889. Looking north at the intersection of Johnson (Robinson Avenue) and Clarke (Grand Avenue) Streets, this photograph shoes street 'jogs' that were created when opposing companies in the town refused to alter their survey alignments."