The 5 story Lee Building built in 1907 at the Northeast corner of Main & Robinson is shown here in 1910 and in the 1950s. In this picture, the State National (Hales), under construction, is immediately West of the Lee.

The Lee would become the Oil & Gas Building.

Today, though reconstructed, it is the red brick building that faces you as you drive North on Robinson at the point that you must turn East onto Main.

In the top image, the Lee is the dark building in front of the State National (Hales) which is under construction.

In the bottom image, taken in the 1957 or later (see the '57 Chevy by the bus), it is in the same relative position and has the "Oil & Gas Bldg." sign, at the right. In a 1940s image (not shown here but in the 1940s page) the word "Liberty" is painted on its top, East side.