These images show the development of the United States Post Office & Federal Court at its location on Northwest 3rd Street (now McGee), between Harvey & Robinson.

This initial building was completed in 1912 at the Northeast corner of Harvey & Northwest 3rd Street (now McGee). It was expanded in 1919 to span the block between Harvey & Robinson. And, in 1932, it was redesigned, a tower was added, and it doubled in size. For a brief building history, see  the official link's description.

This fine new facility would host a famous trial in 1933 ... Machine Gun Kelly! See the last picture, below.

The 1912 Post Office & Federal Court

The 1919 Expansion

The 1932 Expansion & Renovation

A Real Image of the 1932 Expansion & Renovation

A fine new Federal Courthouse should have a fine trial, right? In 1933, Machine Gun Kelly was tried in Federal Court in the above facility. When arrested in Tennessee, he coined a phrase when he said, "Don't shoot, G-Men!"

The Oklahoma City trial was short. Upon conviction, he was sent to Alcatraz for the kidnapping of Oklahoma Citians Charles F. Urschel and Walter R. Jarrett. For more, see this  FBI Famous Cases description  or the Alcatraz History website. Probably, the caption of the picture should read, "being led FROM court"!