Built in 1910 at 311-317 W. Grand (between Harvey & Hudson), it was the passenger & freight terminal for the local rail system.

This image appears in Terry L. Griffith's very fine Images of America: Oklahoma City Statehood to 1930, p. 12. "Ahh.. what a fine vintage building," I said to myself. Trouble was, I was never able to locate this building in any other place. That's because this building never existed and was possibly only a dreamer's drawing!


At p. 78 of the same fine book, Griffith shows this photo of the 1911 Streetcar Strike being over, and lots of folks celebrating on Grand Avenue. There, he identifies the "real" Terminal Building in the background, 1/3 the size of the 1st image! The "path" of my "discovery" is explained in the 1910s pages. I think, maybe, that Griffith was just having a good joke on guys like me!