Despite the misleading text on this postcard (the "Civic Center" part), the Downtown Guy has solved the mystery (to me) about what to do with this image.

He says, "The club was built during World War II and stood immediately north of the Skirvin Hotel at 208 North Broadway. Once the war ended, it was
(cont. ...)
(... cont.) converted to the home of the Service Center Community Chest Council of Social Welfare. That operation either closed or moved on by the mid-1950s, (part of it evolved into what is now United Way) and the last tenant appears to have been the campaign for a 1955 city bond issue. So what happened to it? We know that in the mid 1960s, the property was turned into a cabana and pool for the Skirvin Hotel. The site is vacant now, though some concrete edging still evident there seems to mirror the curved pathway that led to the USO Club." See the Downtown Guy's description .