The number of stated printed pages is expected IF your printing options are set to include a 1 line header or a 1 line footer, but not both. If you use BOTH a header and a footer, the page break codes which are included will NOT work successfully.


    (1) If you use a Header, don't use a Footer;

    (2) If you use a Footer, don't use a Header; and,

    (3) Whichever you use, it should only inlcude 1 line.

If you follow these rules, existing code in the html pages should force an appropriate page break when printing occurs. Otherwise, you're likely to be what my grandmother appropriately called, "a blowed up sucker".

In Windows Internet Explorer or Firefox, to customize your print setup, in the Menu, click File ... Page Setup ... and enter header or footer code as you want. This note does NOT provide a tutorial as to how to setup printing code in html pages. If you can't figure it out from this note, you are on your own!