Grande Macros 6.0

© 1996-2004 by Doug Loudenback, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All rights reserved.

WordPerfect for Windows 6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, and 12.0 are registered trademarks of and are owned by Corel Corporation. Windows95, Windows98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP are registered trademarks of and are owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Welcome to my WordPerfect for Windows macros program which I continue to immodestly call the"Grande Macros". They are distributed only to Oklahoma lawyers and may be used only by them or members of their staff in the production of documents which will be signed by or for the lawyer. Use of these macros in making pro se documents is strictly forbidden, whether by a lawyer or any other person. See "Your License", below. All macros are intended to increase your working pleasure, speed and accuracy. This document gives further information about setting up and using the macros and it would be best if you would print it, certainly read it closely so that you will better understand how many of the files work together.

WORDPERFECT VERSION. Grande Macros only works in WordPerfect or later. To see your particular release of WordPerfect, with WordPerfect open, click on Help | About WordPerfect ... and a dialog will open which tells you the specific version number of the program. Windows95 or later is also required.

OTHER NEEDED PROGRAMS. Each element of Grande Macros has been substantially expanded and the overall program is immensely more comprehensive than ever before – in fact, you will find macros and files which are not presently included in the Family Law Section’s Practice Manual or anywhere else.

To use some of these new features, in addition to WordPerfect or higher, you MUST have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 (or higher) installed on your computer – v5.0.5 Adobe Acrobat Reader is on the Grande Macros Installation Disk. AND, you must have web browser software installed on your computer – e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or some other web browser software. The HTML features have been tested only in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I don’t anticipate any problems with other web browser software you might be using. IF you do have problems using Netscape, Opera or other web browser software, please let me know and I will see what I can do to fix any browser software problems you might have.

This document contains the following sections. Click on a topic to move directly to it. There, clicking on the underscored topic moves forward through this file.

  ● Registration, Fixes & Upgrades

       ● Your License

          ● Your Non-Warranty

              ● Quick Start

               ● Sensible Start

                ● What's New

              ● New Program Interface  New Stuff   General Page   Family Law Page   Appeals Page    Library Page

           ● Problems Running the Program

      ● If You Have Previous  Grande Macro Versions

  ● Initial Compilation

  ● WordPerfect 11 Problems

 ● Recompilation, Generally

● REGISTRATION, FIXES, UPGRADES, SUGGESTIONS  When you purchased Grande Macros, that accomplished your registration. However, I occasionally make gratuitous occasional bug fixes, minor improvements and general information available to licensees at my Website. The website is and a password protected Grande Macros Users area is there. You may need to e-mail me for a password.

If you have problems or questions and are ready to connect to the Internet, Click Here to send me an e-mail message. Otherwise, you can contact me as follows:

            Doug Loudenback, Suite 500, 200 N. Harvey, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

            Work Phone: 405-236-4004 Work Fax: 405-236-4114 Home Phone: 405-524-5181


YOUR LICENSE All Grande Macros (and related documents) are owned by me and remain so even if you came by these macros legitimately (i.e., paid for the full version, or were given the macros by me for testing, all of which persons are herein called "Owners"). Owners are granted a non-transferrable, non-exclusive license to: (1) Copy the original macros freely and use them on any computer their office or home and that includes use by others in the Owner's office as well; (2) Edit the macros IF you do not edit or remove my credits which appear at the top of each macro – but, be advised: While you have permission to edit the macros, you take great risk in doing so. If you edit a macro and it no longer works, please don’t call me about fixing what you did wrong. NO OWNER OR OTHER PERSON MAY EVER USE ANY OF THESE MACROS TO PRODUCE PRO SE DOCUMENTS. If an Owner does this, his/her license is nullified and he/she becomes a non-Owner. I feel really strongly about this. If you don't accept these conditions of license, return the original disks within 10 days after delivery, destroy all your copies, and your purchase price (if any was paid) will be refunded.


These macros were made to assist Oklahoma lawyers, each of whom is wholly responsible for everything he/she does as lawyers. Every document made or aided with any of these macros is the responsibility of the lawyer who prepares or signs it. No warranties of any type exist concerning any of these macros or the documents they produce -- NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, NO WARRANTY OF MARKETABILITY, NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, NO LIABILITY FOR ANY ACTUAL AND/OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. If any of this is not acceptable to you, return the original disks within 10 days after delivery, destroy all your copies, and your purchase price (if any was paid)will be refunded to you. This is not to say that I am unwilling to assist you with problems you might encounter when running the macros, because if the macros do not run properly on your system, I'll be glad to try to help. See "Problems Running Macros", below.

QUICK START You say, "I don't want to read anything else. I just want to give the macros a quick test run." I say, "You are impulsive beyond reason and it would be best if you would read this document first." But, if that’s YOU, click here for a test run (only in the real program). Since I’m impulsive beyond reason, I thought you might be like me.

SENSIBLE START     You say, "I'm sensible and do not look before I leap." I say, "It's a wise person who pays attention to a program's author." While you can do the "Quick Start", above, without any harm at all, IF you prefer to see the macros run with your own personal settings before you choose to double-click the Run Grande icon, then you should click here to customize your installation (only in the real program). You will be asked quite a number of questions – about you, your lawyer associates, your preferences (e.g., are you a person who likes your court documents to begin, "IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF OKLAHOMA COUNTY", or do you prefer "IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR...", what 5 counties do you usually practice in and of them which is most usual), as well as several other items of choice unique to your perceptions of how you like to do things. All such settings will be installed to C:\ GrandeMacros\MyGrande.wcm. You can change your settings whenever you like.

WHAT'S NEW? That depends on what your earlier version of Grande Macros you have. The commercial versions of Grande Macros have been 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0. So, for simplicity purposes, it's just best to show you what is contained within Grande Macros now.

   ● INTERFACE. The 6.0 interface is different. Now, when you start Grande Macros, you will see 4 Tabs at the top – General, Family Law, Appeals, and Library, as is shown in this cropped picture of the Family Law Menu.



The general appearance of each Tabbed page is the same – tabs at the top, selection content in the middle, and the same buttons at the bottom as are shown here. Click on any “Tab” and that Pages’ contents will open. The new interface is intended to give you a more intuitive “view” as to what’s available in the entire Grande Macros program. The “active” page is shown by a dark red title, as shown above for “Family Law”. Just click on any “Tab” to open the contents of that tabbed page. Each of these pages are shown below.

To see only “What’s New” in Grande Macros 6.0, notice the “What’s New in 6.0" button, above, and see below.

   ● WHAT’S NEW? The best way to see “What’s New” is to see it in “real time” – in any of the 4 Grande Macros menus (General, Family Law, Appeals, Library”), a button is present at the bottom called “What’s New in 6.0".

If you click that button, you can immediately see and access most of “what’s new” stuff – although some parts of “What’s new” will only be present when you are running a particular macro.

The “New in 6.0" menu looks pretty much like this picture. Hopefully, the list presented here is self-explanatory since I’m not going to describe in detail what each of the new items is or does.

This revision of Grande Macros is, I think, the most substantive and comprehensive revision to Grande Macros that I have ever made.

Some items are PDF files, some are HTML files, some are WPD files, and some are WordPerfect macros.




It looks like this picture. Here, for items that are not necessarily specific to Family Law or Appeals and are not documents to open from the “Library”, access such items in the General Page.

As you can see, the General Page includes numerous items which are not specific to Family Law, but which you will USE in Family Law cases.

As well, several “general purpose” items are in this menu, also. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are used more quickly if mapped to your WordPerfect keyboard.

A link in C:\GrandeMacros\Setup.wpd shows you how to do that.




Even though Appeals and several General items are included in Grande Macros, the heart and soul of the program is Family Law.

Of course, the Child Support program is present and is the default selection upon running Grande Macros.

But, there is much much more. Several of the “new” items are: Qmcsos, Pretrial, DHS OAH Appeals, Income Exhibit, Property exhibit, substantially expanded Discovery, Client Worksheet, Medical Records (both a Release and pleadings and order for Substance Abuse records), and Visitation Orders statewide.




Most anything you’d want or need to file associated with a “regular” appeal or an “original proceeding” is included in this menu.

Naturally, only the “structure” of a document is created – you must obviously write your own brief, etc. But, the structure and general content of what you need to file will be included when a particular macro writes a document.

Too, notice that applicable Supreme Court Rules are included. To open a document containing particular rules, just click on such an item, e.g., “Rules - briefs”.




The Library Page is perhaps the most overlooked element of Grande Macros.

In the Library, numerous documents concerning legal research or other legal or WordPerfect-teaching files are found.

Some files are WordPerfect files, but others are PDF or HTML files.

If you want to open “WordPerfect” files, you can select multiple files to open at the same time, given WordPerfect’s restriction that only 9 WordPerfect files can be open at the same time.

If you want to open a PDF or HTML file, you can only select one file to open.

So – remember the Library – for research, highway and courthouse maps, judge photos, statutes, and lots of other stuff.




Grande Math is the commercial version of a math and date calculator. In addition to performing all sorts of math and date calculations (like the free version downloadable from my website), this version also computes QDRO dates – as well as exemplary formula text for a court order – total months of employment, total months married, any premarital months of the employment, and the marital months of the employment.

By using the "Type In Doc" button, you can type this information into a Word Perfect document, including (if you want) exemplary formula text to include in your court order, such as that shown below.



Employment began on January 15, 1985, and continued through July 11, 2004. The marriage began on August 23, 1991, and the marital months of employment are calculated through July 11, 2004, the Valuation Date. Based on this data, the following results are true:

Employment: Using earlier of Ending Employment or Valuation Date for Ending Date

Ending DateEmployment Date=All Employed Months

July 11, 2004January 15, 1985=233

Premarital Months:

Marriage DateEmployment Date=Months Before Marriage

August 23, 1991January 15, 1985=79

Marital Months:

All Employed Months-Premarital Months=Marital Months

23379                                 =          154

Possible Formula Example Using the Above:

Number of Marital Months Of Participant's Participation in the Plan × 0.50=Alternate

Total Months of Participant's Employment Through Date of RetirementPayee's Component

[or – Total Months of Employment, if Participant is retired, but not both lines]

77.0                                                             =          Alternate

Total Months of Participant's Employment Through Date of RetirementPayee's Component

[or – 233, if Participant is retired, but not both lines]

Note that if the Participant is retired, the above can be converted to a percentage.

Possible Text Alternative – modify as needed: Alternate Payee's component shall be determined by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of months of the Participant's participation in the Plan earned during the marriage multiplied by 0.50 and the denominator of which is the total number of months of the Participant's participation in the Plan through Retirement.

OTHER FILES IN THE PACKAGE In addition to what’s included in the above menus, the following files are also included:

            BITMAP FILES A few "*.bmp" files are included for you to use, if you want, in setting the icons which appear in your WordPerfect toolbar. Use is strictly up to you and is wholly non-functional. However, IF you add macros to your WordPerfect toolbar, such as one of my favorites, Qopen.wcm, certainly Grande.wcm, so that such features will be instantly available by a click on the toolbar, you might want to use a different icon than WordPerfect will automatically insert. Instead of the standard "cassette tape" which WordPerfect always uses by default for toolbar macro items, you may prefer something more distinctive. The included "*.bmp" files are for that purpose, but you can easily make your own.

            WPLOOK.EXE. This is a Corel program designed to fix “corrupted” WordPerfect files, and it’s not inlcuded in any Grande Macros menu. You can copy and/or move this file from its present location, C:\GrandeMacros\WpLook.Exe. To use WpLook.exe, either (a) double-click on WpLook.exe and then open a file within WpLook.exe to check for corruption, and, if corrupted, fix the file, or (b) drag any WordPerfect file ONTO the WpLook.exe file icon, without WpLook.exe even being opened. WpLook.exe will attempt to repair the file if that’s needed, and, most often, that attempt will succeed. It’s a whole lot better to use WpLook.exe than it is to rewrite a corrupted file from scratch.

IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUS GRANDE MACRO VERSIONS If you have any pre-6.0 versions of Grande Macros, unless you want to keep them around for old time’s sake, you should just dump 'em. Beginning with Grande Macros 5.0, “Uninstall” can be done from the Start | [Grande Macros version] Program Group. Or, you can use the Add/Remove Software features in Windows’ Control Panel to do the same thing. If you have previously added "icons" to your Icon Toolbar, you need to manually delete and/or modify their properties to reflect the correct path, C:\GrandeMacros. Previous installations to your Tools Menu can be automatically deleted by the program in the Setup.wpd file. All such routines are fully described and linked in the C:\GrandeMacros\Setup.wpd document. You can click here to open that document.


            Variants in your computer's platform or WordPerfect version: I've discovered that a macro which will work on one computer will not always work on another. Most of those problems have been eliminated since, beginning with v5.5, the program only works in WordPerfect and later. Macro code is virtually the same in WordPerfect 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 (expected to be released in Spring 2004).

That said, be sure that you have the latest “Service Pack” for your particular version of WordPerfect. Every “major” version of WordPerfect also has “minor” versions. As this is written, WordPerfect 11 has had 1, WordPerfect 10 had 3 “Service Packs”, WordPerfect 9 had 4, and WordPerfect 8 had 7! Most can be downloaded for free at Corel’s website. Click here to go there. But, the downloads are very very large – if you don’t have a cable modem or DSL, then use a friend’s computer who does, and be sure it has a CD writable disk drive so that you can copy the downloaded file onto a compact disk.

As this is written, the “latest” version of WordPerfect 8 is; the “latest” version of WordPerfect 9 is (Service Pack 4 is not available for download but is available on disk from Corel for $9.95); the “latest” version of WordPerfect 10 is, and the latest version of WordPerfect 11 is To know your specific release, in WordPerfect, click the Help menu item and select “About WordPerfect”. The specific release will be shown in a dialog which opens when you select “About WordPerfect...” from the Help Menu.

            Initial Compilation: When you install Grande Macros from your Installation Compact Disk, you install for a particular version of WordPerfect – 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, or 12.0. Note to WordPerfect 8.0 users: Grande Macros will NOT work properly in the very initial release of WordPefect 8.0 – which is That version was very buggy and was taken from the shelves quickly. Grande Macros will run in any version of WordPerfect 8.0 which is or higher. And, it will run on any later major version of WordPerfect – 9, 10, 11, and 12. When you install Grande Macros from your Installation Compact Disk, you are installing a precompiled version of the program for that specific WordPerfect version.

            WordPerfect 11.0 users: A unique problem exists for you! The initial release of WordPerfect 11.0 ( screwed up some macro stuff. Although fixed in WordPerfect 11 Service Pack 1 (, depending on whether you are using WordPerfect or (or higher, should a later Wp11 Service Pack be released), you may need to “Force Recompilation” of Grande Macros. In the Setup.wpd file (from which you make your personal setup), a link is present which does exactly that. If you are using WordPerfect 11 and things just aren’t going right, try running the Forced Recompilation in the Setup.wpd file. Most probably, that will take care of your problems.

            Recompilation, Generally: Even though you’ve installed Grande Macros for a particular version of WordPerfect, the macros may have to recompile, but only the 1st time a particular macro is run. As discussed above, each “major” version of WordPerfect also comes in various “specific release” minor versions. Even a “minor version” variance may require recompilation. If that happens, it will happen automatically when a macro is run. Most of the macros in the program will compile in a blink of an eye, but others take longer, particularly the Child Support macro.

When recompilation happens, you will be notified by a dialog that shows you the progress. You will see progress information as that occurs. While a macro is recompiling (if it must), let that process complete before you do anything else on your keyboard. You will be notified by another dialog that recompilation is done. Compilation times will obviously vary depending on your main processor chip and the random access memory (RAM) present in your computer. But, it won’t take that long and it will happen only once for the particular version of WordPerfect that you are using.

YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOUR COMPUTER WHEN A MACRO IS RECOMPILING. YOU SHOULD JUST WAIT. If you do try and do something else, recompilation may fail and WordPerfect really WILL lockup. Be patient while any necessary recompilation is taking place.

If you experience problems running the Grande Macros, I'll be glad to try to help. Before you call, e-mail or fax me a problem, please do these things: Write a brief note identifying: (1) your WordPerfect version (8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0); (2) whether you are using Windows95, Window98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP; (3) the macro you were running -- if you don't know, give me some description that gives as much clarity as possible; and (4) at what point the macro failed or other problem occurred. Then, after you’ve made the note, fax it, e-mail it or phone me with the message in front of you. It's OK to call me after work hours or on the weekends if you don't become a nuisance and, in fact, I'll likely have more time at home than at the office. I look forward to hearing from you about the good, the bad and the ugly. See Registration, Fixes, Upgrades & Suggestions, above.

Enjoy the program!

Best regards,

Doug Loudenback                                                         Top