My Grande Macros Program
Is No Longer Available For Sale

The last revision to Grande Macros 6.0 was made on January 23, 2008,
more than five (5) years ago as this is written on April 18, 2013. Hence, the program
includes no changes in the law after January 23, 2008, and is now quite stale.

No further program updates will be made in the future
and the Grande Macros program is no longer offered for sale.

Nonetheless, I receive occasional requests to purchase the program
or to provide replacement programs for earlier purchases, now lost.

I have decided to make the full old program available
to any lawyer who still might want it, free and without charge,
not as a purchase but as a gift to the Oklahoma legal community.

IF YOU ARE A LAWYER and wish to receive this gift, and you understand that changes in the law
have occurred which are not included in the stale program, and that you must edit any
documents made by the program to conform to your case's facts and changes in the law,

AND if you promise not to use Grande Macros to create any pro se legal documents,

send me an email, stating your name, address, and OBA number, to
and I'll give you further instructions about how you can obtain Grande Macros 6.0.

I express my appreciation to the hundreds of Oklahoma lawyers who honored me by purchasing
Grande Macros in the past, and to Jim Calloway, Director, OBA Management Assistance Program,
who was instrumental in inspiring me to create Grande Macros
and who made my modest WordPerfect macro program available to Oklahoma lawyers.

Many thanks to all, Doug Loudenback