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Preseason Game 1: 10/23/05 v. Denver Nuggets: Lose 93-97

hornets.pledge.jpgPledge of Allegiance
hornets.startgame.jpgGame Begins
hornets.wescore.jpgWe Score
hornets.musicalchairs.jpgMusical Chairs
hornets.kisscam.jpgKiss Cam
hornets.hugo3.jpgInflatable Hugo

Preseason Game 2: 10/27/05 v. Houston Rockets: Win 89-88 Ready seconds win!

Regular Season Game 1: 11/1/05 v. Sacramento Kings: Win 93-67

openingnight.tisdale.jpgWaymon Tisdale
openingnight.mason.jpgDesmond Mason
openingnight.playball.jpgPlay Ball!
openingnight.hedidit.jpgHe Did It!
openingnight.flying2.jpgHe’s Flying!
openingnight.initgoes.jpgIn it goes!
openingnight.mary_brian.jpgMy kids! Mary & Brian
openingnight.finalscore.jpgWe win! 93-67
openingnight.bees2.jpgOne Bee

11/9/05 v. Orlando Magic: Lose 83-88

11.9.05.court1.jpgNot much court action
11.9.05.crowd1.jpgThe crowd was there
11.9.05.crowd2.jpgThe crowd was there
11.9.05.hugo.jpgHugo was there
11.9.05.bees1.jpgAnd the Bees...
11.9.05.bees2.jpg... were here ...
11.9.05.bees2a.jpg... and there ...
11.9.05.bees4.jpg... and there ...
11.9.05.bees3.jpg... and here ...
11.9.05.bees5.jpg... and everywhere

11/16/05 v. Denver Nuggets: Lose 81-92

11.16.02.jpgPlenty of Fans
11.16.07.jpgPlenty of Fans
11.16.09.jpgPlenty of Fans
11.16.04.jpgOU Star Eduardo Najera
11.16.22.jpgEduardo Again
11.16.23.jpgUnder the Basket
11.16.24.jpgFree Throw
11.16.22.jpgAir Ball!
11.16.03.jpgGo For The Ball
11.16.25.jpgWe Love Our Hornets...
11.16.13.jpg... AND Our Bees!
11.16.17.jpgOh! Momma!
11.16.12.jpgOh! Papa!
11.16.12a.jpgI'm In LOVE!
11.16.19.jpgCan You Blame Me?

11/23/05 v. Minnesota Timberwolves: Win 84-80,163 Fans - Sellout! West! Action Win! The Ford The Ford The Ford Bees! Away!

12/2/05 v. Philadelphia 76ers: Win 88-86 (aka My 1st Visit To The Cheap Seats, Section 317) Pic Resized Pic Panorama
High View
2048 x 600 Pic Panorama
Middle View
2048 x 600 Pic Panorama
Near View
2048 x 600 Cheap View Birdman Mace the Basket, Max Zoom, Mid Zoom

10 ˚ & Light Snow Outside on Wednesday, 12/07/05 v. Boston Celtics, L 87-101 Before 18,753 Fans Sec. 119 Byron Scott Shoots Good Crowd A Sellout Sad Violence Bees' Country' Mo' Country

A Big Big Win, 12/14/05 v. LA Clippers, W 102-89 Before 17,490 Fans @ 6:15 sat in Sec. 113 Crowd Mace Mace Closer Hugo Bees Fancy Bees Spirit Guy Bees

1/02/06 v. Charlotte Bobcats: A Nice Win 103-86 before 17,683 Fans Generations of Male Bonding My Grandson Made My Day Noticed What I Didn't I Owe Him Big Time Nice, Voice of the Hornets! Did Their Job Did, Too Were Around the Bees Were, Too Loves 'em Hugo On Court ... and In The Stands On The Line's The Ball? To My Man Mr. T!

1/06/06 v. Portland Trail Blazers: 3 In A Row, 90-80 before 18,995 Fans Downtown Flyin' Everywhere! Warmup The Fire! Shoots! Action the Hornets Corner Crowd Bees Good Bees

1/10/06 v. Detroit Pistons ... A Magnificent Loss, 86-96, Before 19,260 Fans
All Pics Taken By and Courtesy of TStheThird ...!!! Jam's The Ball? Mighty Pistons Call's What You Do

1/13/06 v. Sacramento Kings at Lloyd Noble Center: 90-76 before 11,343 Fans Noble Center Seats Game v. The King! Bees At OU

1/18/06 v. Memphis Grizzlies, 87-79 - Now @ .500, 19-19, Before 14,554 Last Minute Fans @ The Ford Welcomes Fans Notice = Smaller ... But Wild Crowd! MJ With Me! 101 to 119 Gets Ready ... To Shoot! Does PJ! Birdman Is Back! That Ball! Hugo! Hugo! Sutton South?, Yeah!

1/20/06 @ Washington Wizards - Hornets Central Fans @ Buffalo Wild Wings - Hornets Lose 99-110
But A Great Time Was Had By All! 1 2 3 4

1/30/06 v. Milwaukee Bucks, Win 94-93, From Section 328 Cheap Seats - Monday Night, 18,197 Fans Can See Okinawa Zoom View - Warmup Shoots Bounce

2/1/06 v. Chicago Bulls, Win 100-95, Before 19,163 Fans (12th Sellout) Mace & Da Bird House ... # Eleven Under the Basket Takes Shot Dave & Mr. T Hoot! Person(s) Hugo! Bees... Dem Bees ... Dem More Bees!, You're Good Done ...' Home Happy!

2/8/06 v. Seattle SuperSonics, 100-95 Win Before 18,807 Fans
Forgot To Load My Camera's Card! Me Bad!

2/13/06 v. Washington Wizards, Win At The Buzzer 97-96, Before 18,678 Fans On Fire!' Out w/The Guys ... Honeybees!'s My Valentine? I Asked!' Nuts @ 97-96 & PJ Brown

2/15/06 v. Portland Trail Blazers, Win 102-86, Before 19,051 Fans; Now 29-23! To The Ford! No - Vertigo! @ The Line Way To Score Hosts!

2/22/06 v. Utah Jazz, 76-82, before 18,368 Fans
Too High For Good Pics - The Pseudo Mardi Gras Did Not Fit My Town! Gras Halftime of Same, Brian, & Mary Jo Free Throw, Right

3/6/06 v. Phoenix Suns, 88-101, before 19,207 Fans ... Another SRO Sellout Man, Hugo! the Ball Far Away Get In the Paint There! Hit It!!! Having Fun Bee Pic

3/10/06 v. Indiana Pacers, 82-90, before 18,506 Was That Masked Man? Shoots Free Throw It Out Figuring It Out Figuring Crowd! Bees! The Troops!, Hugo?

3/11/06 - Season Ticket Fan Appreciation Day! A Great Time Was Had By All! For Autographs ... continued Got Mine! On My Cap! ... This Plane! View Another Quarters Since 1993 (I think)! In The Front Scott's Table Seating's Seat Sits In Back Posing ... And Signing ... And Posing ... And Signing ... And Posing ... And Signing ... and IN LOVE ... With ME! At Work With Kids

3/12/06 v. New Jersey Nets, Losing 84-95, Before 19,198, Our 15th Sellout' The Ford! Shoots... But We Lose Has Birthday Gets Lucky!

3/23/06 v. Hoston Rockets, 92-93, before 19,163 - 16th Sellout & Rob Nice In The Crowd Ming At The Basket Shoots Free Throw For The Rebound Inbounds Against Ming? Crowd At The Ford; Game Tied House Watches and Waits The Troops! Heartbreakers! & Young Guys Lovin' The Hornets

3/31/06 v. Memphis Grizzlies, 107-102, before 18,817 (246 Shy of Sellout) Friends Before Game Hooters In Bricktown You, God! Guy Gets Lucky! Positioning For A Shot On The Floor Bees! Pals Pals At Far Side Pep Up The Fans To Defend Crazy at 1:52 To Go The Game Resumes Seconds To Go Gals In Front Of Us Done Fans Are Happy

4/5/06 v. Golden State Warriors, 114-109 (OT), before 18,169 To the Ford OKC Hornets Fans To Fire! Williams Defends Manuevers Works The Ball Shoots To Go With The Ball Jockeys To Shoot Smith At Foul Line Blurry To Tell To Shoot To Shoot Look At The Crowd Up The Fans In Black Does Push Ups Seconds Left Final Score

4/7/06 v. Toronto Raptors, 95-89, before 18,854 Fans Chris Paul The Basket To Score A Shot The Shot To Shoot Shot's Away Honeybees's Just Bee-Out Honeybees In Black Bees In Black Favorite Honeybee! Again! To Heaven!

4/10/06 v. Cleveland Cavaliers, 101-103, before 19,187 Fans (17th Sellout) Cavaliers Lead Pair of Popsicle Friends Friends Again The Score Fans Nuts It Down To The Wire Hard the Cavs Win

4/12/06 v. Seattle Super Sonics, 104-99, before 18,607 Fans Introductions Introductions Great Crowd Out The Defense Did It! Nuts Magnificent Honeybees

Last Home Game - 4/14/06 v. Utah Jazz, 104-105, before 19,163 Fans (18th Sellout) A General Pic Paul Brings It Out General Shot Jazz Shoot Of Our Coaches Hard But No Win Always, A Great Crowd Wife & A Hornets Buddy Last Home Shot of Season (Missed) Great Honets Fans