About iSilo and iSiloX

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v3.1 iSilo is “shareware” (try before you buy) and costs only $17.50 for the registered version

v3.1 iSiloX is “freeware” (no charge)

Both are small downloadable programs at iSilo and iSiloX websites

v3.1 iSilo is a terrific Palm document program, and I’m creating Palm PDB (Palm DataBase) files for my and your Palm use at this website. These are the main (but not all) reasons:


   It fully supports color

   It fully supports bookmarks and hypertext

   It contains numerous display options, e.g., bold, large, large and bold

   It can store documents in your Palm’s memory card (if you have one)

   It supports graphics

   It supports tables

   It uses really small PDB files made by v3.1 iSiloX

v3.1 iSiloX is the “freeware” program you can use to make your own iSilo PDB files. This is the program you would use to convert your bookmarked and hyperlinked HTML files into the iSilo PDB format. iSiloX works with text files, Palm “doc” files, or “HTML” files. Here’s why I like it:


   You can create your HTML file in WordPerfect 10 or some versions of Microsoft Word by making your regular WordPerfect document, complete with color, bookmarks, hyperlinks, graphics, whatever and then in WordPerfect 10 (or MS Word) publish the document to (save as) HTML. Then, you merely open the HTML file into v3.1 iSiloX

   iSiloX has gobs of selectable document properties options and you can read about them at the iSiloX website referenced above.

   After the document is converted, you just do a Hot Sync and it’s done.

If you are a Palm user, I heartily recommend these 2 programs.