v6j Grande Macros For Oklahoma Judges (Release 1, 4/19/2005)
© 1996-2005 by Doug Loudenback, Oklahoma City, OK, all rights reserved

The downloadable file below may only be downloaded and used by Oklahoma sitting judges or referees for the same. v6j Grande Macros only works in WordPerfect 8 or higher (presently, Wordperfect 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 and/or 13.0). If you have an earlier version of Grande Macros For Judges (e.g., v5.0j), you should download this later release. In addition to what was contained in v5.0j, v6 contains routines for generating over-the-chart high income exhibits based on methods used in Mocnik v. Mocnik and Smith v. Smith. An updated and expanded Child Support legal research paper (CsComp.pdf), containing OSCN hyperlinks to all cases identified in the paper, is included. The file was slightly modified on 4/20/2005 to make minor changes in the installation setup file, but if you downloaded before 4/20/2005 and your program is working, no need exists to download the slightly revised file.


Download the file to a place on your hard disk you will remember - your Windows Desktop is an easy place to remember. When you are through with your internet session and are ready to do so, double-click on the downloaded file. Before you do that, you will need to have obtained the 
JUDGE PASSWORD  from me to use during installation.

To get the judicial password, send me an e-mail identifying yourself and indicatating you've downloaded v6j Grande Macros, affirming that you are a sitting judge or a referee for one, and stating your judicial office and county, I will then e-mail the password to you. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is really the only way I can maintain some degree of control over who has the free judge version of my program. Click here to request the password by e-mail.

   Download v6j Grande Macros for Judges  (new on 4/19/2005, very slightly modified on 4/20/2005 - 2.19 MB)

Patch 1 for Judge Version (revised 1/23/2008). The above does NOT include Patch 1, initially released 10/2007, but fixed with this 1/23/2008 version, and it needs to be downloaded and installed AFTER you have installed Grande Macros 6.0 for Judges. Patch 1 modifies the child support computation program to include changes to minimum wage which occur in July 2007, July 2008, and July 2009. The correct "default" minimum wage number will appear in the program based upon your computer's internal clock ... so be sure that your computer's clock is set correctly! NOTE that patch replaces a patch by the same name posted before 1/23/2008 which contained errors (not computational but macro errors about setting minimum wage correctly) fixed with the 1/23/2008 version.

   Download Patch 1