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Note: Title 43 Oklahoma Statutes contains most Oklahoma marriage and divorce related statutes. All links below are to the Oklahoma State Court Network, Click here for non-Title 43 links at the bottom of this page.

Oklahoma Statutes
Title 43 . Marriage.

Relations between husband wife
Centralized Support Registry Act
Child Visitation Registry Act
Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
1. Definition of Marriage
2. Consanguinity
3. Persons Having Capacity to Marry
3.1. Marriage Between Persons of Same Gender Not Recognized
4. Marriage License Requirement
5. Issuance and Validity of Marriage License
5.1. Marrage License Fee Reduction for Successful Completion of Premarital Counciling Program Marrage License Fee Reduction for Successful Completion of Premarital Counciling Program
6. Contents of License-Time of Return
7. Performance or Solemnization of Marriages-Witnesses
8. Endorsement and Return of Marriage License
9. Record of Application, License and Certificate-Book
10. Additional Evidence to Determine Legal Capacity Before Issuance of Marriage License
11. Copies of Certified Records as Evidence
14. Penalty for Solemnizing Unlawful Marriage
15. Unlawfully Issuing Marriage License, Concealing Record or Performing Marriage Ceremony-Penalty
16. Unlawful Solicitation of Performance of Marriage Ceremony
17. Punishment for Violation of Act
18. Injunction Restraining Violation of Act
19. Unlawful Sale of Papers Relating to Marriage Licenses-Penalty
31. Certificate or Affidavit of Physician Required to Obtain Marriage License-Contents-Time
32. Judge May Dispense With Requirements of Sections 1 and 3-Order and Memorandum
33. Laboratory and Physician's Statement-Contents-Filing
34. Duty of State Health Officer to Make Examinations Without Charge
35. Standard Serological Test as Syphilis Test
36. Applicants to Comply With Act-Delivery, Endorsement and Return of Marriage License-Penalty for Violations
37. Misrepresentations Regarding the Physician's Statement or Laboratory Report-Penalty

101. Grounds for Divorce
102. Residency Requirement of Plaintiff or Defendant-Army Post or Military Reservation
103. Venue-Divorce, Annulments and Separate Maintenance
104. Personal Jurisdiction-Persons Once Living Within the State-Service
105. Petition-Summons
106. Answer May Allege Cause-New Matters Verified by Affidavit
107. Petition for Divorce to Allege Causes Following Language of Statute Without Statement of Facts-Bill of Particulars (repealed eff. 11/1/02)
107.1. Time for Final Order Where Minor Children Involved-Waiver-Educational Program-Exceptions
107.2. Court Authority to Mandate Educational Program Concerning the Impact of Separate Parenting and Coparenting, Visitation, Conflict Management, etc.-Adoption of Local Rules
107.3. Proceeding for Disposition of Children.
108. Equally Wrong Parties-Divorce Granted to Both Parties-Powers of Court When Granting Alimony without Divorce or Refusing Divorce
109. Best Interest of Child Considered in Awarding Custody or Appointing Guardian-Joint Custody-Plan-Arbitration
109.1. Custody of Child During Separation without Divorce
109.2. Determination of Paternity, Custody and Child Support
110. Orders concerning property, children, support and expenses.
110.1. Policy for equal access to the minor children by parents.
111. Indirect Contempt for Disobeying Property Division Orders
111.1. Order to Provide Minimum Visitation for Noncustodial Parent-Violation of Order
111.2. Liability and Remedies Available Where Person Not a Party to a Custody Proceeding Denies Another of Right to Custody or Visitation
111.3. Enforcement of Visitation Rights of Noncustodial Parent.
112. Care, Custody and Support of Minor Children
112A. Agreement to Obtain Certain Necessary Information.
112.1A. Parental Support of Adult Children With Disabilities.
112.2. Evidence of Domestic Abuse Considered-Rebuttable Presumption
112.3. Relocation of Children Notification
113. Preference of Child Considered in Custody or Visitation Actions
114. Interest on Delinquent Child Support and Suit Moneys Payments
115. Child Support Orders to Include Provision for Income Assignment-Voluntary Income Assignment
116. Security or Bond for Payment of Child Support
117. Modification, Suspension or Termination of Income Assignment Order
118. Child Support Guidelines
118.1. Department to Review Child Support Orders-Time and Notice-Disclosure of Financial Status
118.2. Employer's Duties Regarding Court or Administrative Order for Health Coverage
118.3. Agreement to Obtain Certain Necessary Information.
118.4. Child Support - Assignment to Attorney for Representation.
119. Child Support Guideline Schedule
119.1. Review of Child Support Guidelines
120. Child Support Computation Form
Parenting Coordinator Act 120.1. Parenting Coordinator Act
120.2. Definitions
120.3. Court May Appoint On Its Own
120.4. Parenting Coordinator Decisions Binding
120.5. State Assumes No Financial Responsibility
120.6. Rules Governing Parenting Coordinator
121. Restoration of Maiden or Former Name-Alimony-Property Division
122. Divorce Dissolves Marriage Contract and Bars Property Claims-Exception for Actual Fraud
123. Unlawful to Marry Within 6 Months from Date of Divorce Decree-Penalty for Remarriage and Cohabitation-Appeal
124. Punishment for Bigamy
125. Validation of Judgment Annulling Marriage or Granting Divorce
126. Remarriage As Ground for Annulment
127. Time When Judgment is Final in Divorce-Appeal
128. Action to Void Marriage Due to Incapacity
129. Alimony Without Divorce
130. Evidence in Divorce or Alimony Actions
131. Residency in Divorce Action
132. Parties Competent to Testify in Divorce Action
133. Dissolution of Divorce Decree
134. Alimony Payments-Termination-Modification
135. Lien for Child Support Arrearages-Notice and Hearing
136. Payment of Support and Alimony by Mail-Report of Payments as Evidence-Application Fee for Income Assignment
137. Past Due Support Payments as Judgment-Arrearage Payment Schedule
138. Costs in Child Support Enforcement Cases
139. Child Support as Legal Right-Authority to Revoke or Suspend Licenses for Noncomplicance with Child Support Order
139.1. Definitions

201. Mutual Obligations of Respect, Fidelity and Support
202. Duty to Support-Husband-Wife
203. Separate Property-Exclusion from Dwelling Prohibited
204. Contracts or Transactions by Husband or Wife
205. Contracts Altering Legal Relations Not Allowed-Exceptions
206. Mutual Consent as Consideration
207. Husband and Wife-Joint Tenants, Tenants in Common or Community Property-Separate Property-Inventory and Filing
208. Liability for Acts and Debts of the Other Spouse-Curtesy and Dower Not Allowed at Death
209. Husband Responsible for Necessities (repealed)
209.1. Necessaries Furnished To Either Spouse
210. Husband Abandoned by Wife Not Liable for Her Support-Exceptions-Separation by Agreement
211. Circumstances Where Abandoned Spouse May Manage, Control, Sell or Encumber Property-Notice
212. Contracts and Encumbrances Binding on Husband and Wife-Liability-Suit and Proceedings Not Abated
213. Order or Decree Set Aside Pursuant to Preceding Sections-Notice and Service of Summons
214. Legal Rights of Married Women
215. Recordable Agreement as to Rights Acquired by Community Property Laws
Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry Act 410. Title of Act-Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry Act
411. Repealed by Laws 1995, c. 246, 6, eff. Nov. 1, 1995.
412. Repealed by Laws 1995, c. 246, 6, eff. Nov. 1, 1995.
413. Payments Made Through Registry-Procedure-Change of Address-Service of Process
Oklahoma Child Visitation Registry Act 420. Title of Act-Oklahoma Child Visitation Registry Act
421. Agencies to Provide Child Visitation Registry Program- Eligible Agencies-Fees
422. Case Log-Copies of Log and Record-Entries as Proof of Compliance
423. Participation in Child Visitation Registry Program by Court Order or Motion
424. Office of the Court Administrator to Develop Forms-Contents-Power to Reduce or Cancel Visitation for Habitual Lateness
425. Time for Hearing
Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Note: This act replaced Oklahoma's Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act on November 1, 1998. Article 1 551-101. Short Title.
551-102. Definitions.
551-103. Proceedings Governed by other Law.
551-104. Application to Indian Tribes.
551-105. International Application of Act.
551-106. Effect of Child Custody Determination.
551-107. Priority.
551-108. Notice to Persons Outside State.
551-109. Appearance and Limited Immunity.
551-110. Communication between Courts.
551-111. Taking Testimony in Another State.
551-112. Cooperation between Courts; Preservation of Records.
Article 2 551-201. Initial Child Custody Jurisdiction.
551-202. Exclusive, Continuing Jurisdiction.
551-203. Jurisdiction to Modify Determination.
551-204. Temporary Emergency Jurisdiction.
551-205. Notice; Opportunity to be Heard; Joinder.
551-206. Simultaneous Proceedings.
551-207. Inconvenient Forum.
551-208. Jurisdiction Declined by Reason of Conduct.
551-209. Information to be Submitted to Court.
551-210. Appearance of Parties and Child.
Article 3 551-301. Definitions.
551-302. Enforcement under Hague Convention.
551-303. Duty to Enforce.
551-304. Temporary Visitation.
551-305. Registration of Child Custody Determination.
551-306. Enforcement of Registered Determination.
551-307. Simultaneous Proceedings.
551-308. Expedited Enforcement of Child Custody Determination.
551-309. Service of Petition and Order.
551-310. Hearing and Order.
551-311. Warrant to Take Physical Custody of Child.
551-312. Costs, Fees, and Expenses.
551-313. Recognition and Enforcement.
551-314. Appeals.
551-315. Role of District Attorney.
551-316. Role of Law Enforcement.
551-317. Costs and Expenses.
Article 4 551-401. Application and Construction.
551-402. Transitional Provision.
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Article 1 601-100. Citation-Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
601-101. Definitions
601-102. Tribunals of State
601-103. Remedies as Cumulative
Article 2 601-201. Grounds for Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident
601-202. Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresident
601-203. Initiating and Responding Tribunal
601-204. Proceeding in Another State
601-205. Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Child Support Orders
601-206. Enforcement or Modification of Orders by Tribunal
601-207. Rules to Determine Which Child Support Order to Recognize
601-208. Multiple Orders for the Same Obligor and Different Obligees
601-209. Amounts for Same Period Credited
Article 3 601-301. Proceedings Provided for by Act
601-302. Proceeding by Minor Parent
601-303. Application of Procedural and Substantive Law of this State
601-304. Initiating Tribunal to Forward Petition and Documents
601-305. Powers and Duties of the Responding Tribunal
601-306. Duties of an Inappropriate Tribunal
601-307. Duties of the Support Enforcement Agency-Fiduciary Relationship Not Created
601-308. Attorney General May Order Agency to Act or Provide Services Directly to Individual
601-309. Employment of Private Counsel
601-310. Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Human Services as State Information Agency-Duties
601-311. Pleading Requirements-Other Documents
601-312. Circumstances Justifying Nondisclosure of Identifying Information in Pleading
601-313. Filing Fees, Costs and Expenses
601-314. Immunity of Petitioner
601-315. Nonparentage as Defense to Proceeding Under Act
601-316. Physical Presence of Petitioner Not Required in Responding Tribunal-Special Rules of Evidence
601-317. Communication with Tribunal of Another State
601-318. Requesting Tribunal to Assist with Discovery-Compelling Person to Comply with Discovery
601-319. Disbursement of Support Payments-Certified Record
Article 4 601-401. Issuance of Support Order
Article 5 601-501. Income-withholding Orders Issued in Another State-Contesting Order's Validity
601-502. Enforcement of Orders from Another State by Support Enforcement Agency of this State-Administrative Procedure
601-503. Multiple Income-withholding Orders.
601-504. Compliance with Income-withholding Orders.
601-505. Noncompliance with Income-withholding Orders.
601-506. Contesting the Validity or Enforcement of Income-withholding Order.
601-507. Enforcement of Income-withholding Order.
Article 6 601-601. Registration of Order in State for Enforcement
601-602. Procedure for Registration of Order from Another State
601-603. Registration of Order Issued in Another State-Enforceability-Modification
601-604. Choice of Law-Statute of Limitations
601-605. Notice of Registration of Order to Nonregistering Party and Obligor's Employer
601-606. Contesting Validity or Enforcement of Registered Order-Failure to Contest in Timely Manner-Hearing
601-607. Available Defenses When Contesting Registered Order
601-608. Effect of Confirmation of Registered Order
601-609. Registration of Child Support Order Issued in Another State
601-610. Enforcement of Registered Order of Another State
601-611. Modification of Registered Child Support Order Issued in Another State
601-612. Recognition of Order Modified by Tribunal of Another State
601-613. Jurisdiction.
601-614. Filing Required.
Article 7 601-701. Determination of Parentage-Choice of Law
Article 8 601-801. Rendition-Extradition
601-802. Rendition Conditions
Article 9 601-901. Application and Construction of Act
Many other family law statutes exist. Other principal statutes are:

Title 10, Children - Among other things, includes:
Paternity presumptions, beginning at Section 1
Grandparent visitation, Section 5
Rights of custodial and noncustodial parents to school, health records,
Section 5.2
Indian Child Welfare Act, beginning at Section 40
Paternity, beginning at Section 70
Genetic Testing to Determine Paternity Act, beginning at Section 501
Oklahoma Children's Code, beginning at Section 7001-1.1
Oklahoma Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention Act, beginning at Section 7101
Oklahoma Juvenile Code, beginning at Section 7301-1.1
Oklahoma Adoption Code, beginning at Section 7501-1.1
Title 12, Civil Procedure - Includes all civil procedure statutes, including Section 1172.1 (child support garnishment) and Section 1171.3 (income assignment).

Title 21, Crimes and Punishments - Includes statutes relating to civil indirect contempt of court

Title 56, Poor Persons (DHS) includes the core statutes concerning the Department of Human Services Child Support stuff, including its onerous bank matching system, beginning at Section 240.22.

For other statutes, go to the OSCN's statute index.