Deep Deuce - 310-314 NE 2nd. Other than the fact that two of the buildings with these addresses exist today, and their location was as shown in the Sanborn map at the right, I know nothing of the history of these buildings.

A look at the same area in the 1922-1949 Sanborn map, below, gives a little additional information as the building at 310 NE bears the label "Rooming." By the way, despite my high regard for Sanborn maps, it is also evident that, in comparing versions which are said to be 1922 updated through 1949 with those 1922 updated through 1955 maps that some parts are not as they should be. The most glaring example has to do with Irving School at NE 4th & Walnut. Recall that the earlier Irving School was destroyed in a 1937 fire but was rebuilt in a year or two. The new building is located on the lot diagonally rather than north and south as the earlier building was. Only the 1922-1955 Sanborn Map shows the diagonal building even though the 1922-1949 map should have shown the diagonal building, also. The point is, it's hard to know which of these Sanborn maps here is actually the most accurate, as of 1955.

1922-1955 Sanborn Map

Cropped View Without Notes

I seriously doubt that a "Colored Clinic" was built between 1949 and 1955 though I've not investigated that. My guess is that the clinc should have been in both maps.
Today, these buildings have been joined to form a single building which is the home of Deep Deuce At Bricktown which handles Deep Deuce apartment rentals and serves as the apartments' club house and swimming pool area. The address used for the combined properties is 314 Northeast 2nd. But, the physical buildings which match up in both above Sanborn maps were located at 310-312 E. 2nd ... so, what's up, with that?

Matching up an Oklahoma County Assessor aerial map with a Sanborn map, both of which show lot numbers, shows that the current swimming pool's location is the 314 E. 2nd property -- the images are superimposed at the bottom. The excercise also lends confidence that the 2nd Black Dispatch location at 324 E. 2nd per Prof. Bob Blackburn no longer exists. The "Lodge Hall" building at 322 N.E. 4th still stands, but it is immediately west of the "Printing" building where the newspaper was located. So, don't wander around NE 2nd looking for a commemorative marker on any vintage building which still exists. It ain't gonna be there -- or, if it is, it shouldn't be!

The March 30, 2009, photo below shows the former 310 & 312 E. 2nd buildings joined as a single unit.
Click the image below for a larger view

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