The Aldridge Theater. The Aldridge was at 303-305 N.E. 2nd, slightly west of where the Haywood Building (Deep Deuce Grill) is today. Owned by Zelia Breaux and F.E. Withrow, the Aldridge opened in 1919. The small print at the bottom of the print by Mary Ann Moore reads, "Big bands, vaudeville acts, and movie pictures were featured regularly. Music legends such as Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Duke Ellington appeared at the Aldridge." Zelia Breaux receives prominent discussion in Part 3 of my Deep Deuce series and more about the History of Deep Deuce is in Part 2 of that same series.

Photo of Zelia Breaux courtesy of Anthony Francisco, Oklahoma City

A print by Mary Ann Moore which I have purchased and scanned,
available at the Oklahoma History Center.

Credit William D. Welge, Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing Co. 2007).
This photo was probably taken in 1953.

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