Bryant School. Bryant School on NE 3rd near Byers (East Big Road) was a frame structure built in 1901 but was replaced by a brick building in 1910 and relocated west of the original location. The school's name changed in 1934 to Scarborough School and again in 1937 to Inman Page School. The building no longer exists and was demolished shortly after its closing in 1974.

A pair of Sanborn Map Company drawings showing the school's locations. The 1st is from a 1906 Sanborn map, and the 2nd is from a 1922 (updated through 1955) map. Note that Geary did not then go through the block and the different locations of the 1901 and 1910 buildings. Since the 2nd image shows Scarborough as the school's name, the drawing would have been between 1934 and 1937.

After the maps, a pair of images shows how the building looked. The 1st is from Jim Edwards and Hal Ottaway's Vanished Splendor II (Abalache Bookshop Publishing Company 1983). The 2nd, showing the school in the background, is a 1942 photo taken during a rally supporting the war effort in World War II from William D. Welge's Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing Co. 2007).

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