City Hospital/YWCA. City Hospital was built at 401 NE 2nd in 1912 on the northeast corner of NE 2nd and Stiles, offset to the north of NE 2nd, and was located west of Bryant School. Vanished Splendor III says that a couple of years after its construction it was listed in directories as the "Post Graduate Hospital" and that after University Hospital opened in 1919 the building was turned over to the State Department of Health and was used for laboratory space. The same source reports that in the 1940s it became the Stiles Community Center and was the east-side branch of the YWCA and that it was demolished during the Urban Renewal era.

Additionally, Oklahoman articles from 1944 through 1946 show that the building was a USO center and that $15,000 in improvements, including a tennis court, were added in 1944. With the war winding down, the city's USO clubs were closed in 1946. A March 18, 1946 article states that, "Operation of the Negro Stiles street USO club, for use of all youth groups of the Negro community, will be taken over April 1 by the YWCA. The building, to be operated as the branch YWCA also will be open to Neighbornood clubs, Girl Reserves (of the YWCA) and other youth groups."

In some vintage photographs/postcards taken from the warehouse district looking north toward Deep Deuce, the building can be faintly seen as the tallest building in the background.

Credit Jim Edwards, Hal Ottaway & Mitchell Oliphant, Vanished Splendor III
(Abalache Book Shop Publishing 1985)

The next photo is from William D. Welge's Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing Company 2007). It was taken during a 1942 rally supporting the World War II war effort. Notice that the Inman Page (originally Bryant) School is visible in the background.

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