Culbertson Building. The 1902 Culbertson Building was located on the "jog" on Broadway and Grand (Sheridan) so much so that driving south on Broadway the building appeared to be in the middle of the street. Culbeertson's location dramatically illustrates the effect of different survey crews surveying on the north and south of Grand which didn't match. Being rather in the middle of the street, it provided an excellent vantage point for photographers looking north on Broadway from 1902 until the building was destroyed in the 1970s. In 1950s - 60s photos looking south on Broadway, look for the Phillips 66 neon sign on its top. The renowned Southern Club was located one or (probably) two buildings east.

Credit Terry L. Griffith, Oklahoma City: Statehood to 1930 (Arcadia Publishing Company 2000)

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