Culbertson School. Culbertson School was built in 1909 at 1200 E. (now NE) 13th in the then-far northeast part of the city. Before doing the research associated with this clickable Vintage Map, my impression was that the downtown area and its environs immediately north and west were the most densely populated areas of the city. But, I was mistaken -- the area east of the Santa Fe tracks and north of the Rock Island tracks upwards to E. 13th were at least equally dense if not more so. The advertisement shown here shows the number of children in this school in 1910, quite a hefty number for a school that came into being only one year earlier.
The school was named for J.J. Culbertson who, although he never resided here (his son, J.J. Jr. and co-investor did), invested heavily in the city, most notably by the 1902 5-story downtown Culbertson Building which, when built, was the city's tallest building. The school closed in 1977 and was later demolished. The school's space is now part of the Oklahoma Medical Center campus. Culbertson and W.F. Harn donated the land for the State Capitol Building and Governor's Mansion.

Credit Jim Edwards & Hal Ottaway, Vanished Splendor II (Abalache Book Shop Publishing 1983)

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