Hall's Hall. This 1923 or earlier building was located on the northwest corner of E. 2nd & Central, as shown in the Sanborn Map at right. Other than the description provided by Douglas Henry Daniels in One O'Clock Jump - The Unforgettable History of the Oklahoma City Blue Devils (Beacon Press 2006), I have no knowlege about this building and I have no pictures.

At page 10 of his book, Professor Daniels said,
Other Black businessmen, such as Alphonso Hall, were also quite successful. Mr Hall was described by the [Black] Dispatch as "one of the substantial property holders of the race" in the capital. He erected a building named after him and owned Hall's Hardware Store on North Central. Hall's Hall was located on the northwest corner of Second and Central. Stores and apartments occupied the first floor, while the Elks had their offices on the second; Victory Lodge No. 248, I.B.P.O.E.M., was on the third floor.
Daniels cites an article, "The Hall Building," Black Dispatch February 1, 1923, as his source.
1922 Sanborn Map Updated To 1955

Some unresolved conflict exists in my mind about the location of the Elks Victory Lodge. In page 95 of William D. Welge's Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing 2007), Welge states that the Elks Victory Lodge was located in the building at 322 E. 2nd built in 1929. So, it may well be that the Elks moved their lodge to 322 E. 2nd after it was constructed. See the Lodge Hall/Ruby's Grill article for additional discussion.

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