Haywood Building. The Haywood building was originally constructed in 1926 slightly east of the Aldridge Theater but was purchased and remodeled by Dr. William Lewis (W.L.) Haywood in 1938, his clinic being on the 2nd floor. According to Key Magazine, he "relocated to Deep Deuce in the early 1900s. Haywood founded the first black hospital in Oklahoma City along with Dr. W.H. Slaughter, and he was the first African-American physician admitted to practice at University Hospital (now OU Medical Center). * * * In addition to practicing medicine, Haywood was an accomplished businessman and civil rights leader who regularly published
newspaper columns promoting black businesses and railing against segregation in the Black Dispatch." See the December 2005 on-line issue of Key Magazine for more. And, see the Utopia Hospital mini-article which Dr. Haywood either solely founded or co-founded with Dr. W.H. Slaughter.

In Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing 2007), William D. Welge notes that the building was earlier owned by Andrew Rushing, father of Jimmy "Five-By-Five" Rushing. As with the rest of this area, by the time that Deep Deuce's vitality had passed, the building was but another dilapidated structure. The first image below shows what it had become by 1995 and the last images show the building in 2008, after becoming the Deep Deuce Grill. In it's the restaurant's history page, it notes that the bar top was fashioned from pew salvaged from the Calvary Baptist Church following a fire there. However, I was unable to locate an Oklahoman article describing such a fire.

The photo below is from page 95 of Mr. Welge's Oklahoma City Rediscovered

Outside photo taken by me on July 3, 2008

Inside photo taken by me on July 3, 2008

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