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All items presently included in the vintage clickable map are listed below. Pages are not yet done for all items; items done are crimson red. Coordinates correspond to marginal coordinates in the Vintage Map.
This list will expand when new buildings or areas are added.
For a list of the most recently added buildings or areas, click here.

Aerials, Deep Deuce
Aerials, Downtown
Aerials, Bricktown
Jim Crow Laws in Okc

Aberdeen Apts. K3
Alamo Hot. J14
Aldridge TheaterP14
American National Bank K16
Avery Chapel R15
Baptist Sanitarium
Bass & Harbour/Insurance L15
Baum Bldg. K16
Bethany Presby. Ch. R13
Biltmore Hot. J17
Black Dispatch - 1st P15
Black Dispatch -2nd P14
Black Hot. I16
Board of Ed. - old O13
Braniff Bldg. K13
Broadway/Lamar/Noble Hot. H16
Bryant Sch. R14
Calvary Baptist O14
Campbell Bldg. L16
Canton Hot. O14
Capitol Theater J15
Carpenter Square/Skyline I16
Centre Theater I14
Cleaves CME Ch. P15
Crippled Children's Hosp. W5
City Hospital Q12
City Hall - Couch Dr G16
Cline Hot. J8
Classen Boulevard
Classen Jr/Sr HS A1
Colcord Bldg. K16
Commerce Exchange Bldg. K17
Cotton Exchange/Leonhardt/Court Plaza J14
Cotton Compress N19
Criterion Theater K15
Culbertson Bldg. L17
Culbertson Sch. X5
Davis Brothers H16
Deep Deuce - 310-314 NE 2nd P14
Deep Deuce - Apts on Central P15
Deep Deuce Lodge P14
Delmar Garden A19
Douglass/Lowell Sch. W11
Douglass/Webster) Sch. O18
Dunbar Library S13
Egbert Hot./Bassett Bldg. L15)
Emerson Sch. G10
Epworth Univ. A2
Eugene Field Sch. A4
Federal Reserve J13
Fidelity Bank/Park Harvey Apts J15
Finley Building O14
First National K15
Franklin Sch. E17
Fred Jones Mfg. C16
Frisco Pass. Depot J15
Garfield Sch. K21
Gladish Bldg. I15
Goodholm/Baltimore Bldg. J16
Halliburton Dept. Store I15
Halls Hall P14
Harbour Longmire/Main Place H16
Harrison Avenue
Haywood Bldg. P14
Hefner Mansion K4
Hell's 1/2 Acre L17
Herskowitz Bldg. L16
Hightower Bldg. I16
Huckins Annex L16
Hudson Hot. I16
India Temple L14
Irving Sch. O13
Iten Biscuit Co. M19
John A. Brown's J15
Juprenka Apts. J6
Kaiser's Ice Cream H8
Katy Depots N-O18
Kingkade Hot. L17
Lawrence Hot. L17
Lee Bldg. K15
Lee/Lee-Huckins Hot. L15
Leonhardt Apt. Hot. E7
Levy Bldg. I16
Liberty/Harber/Cooper Theater K16
Libraries, Downtown K13
Lincoln Sch. R7
Little Flower Ch. G25
Littlepage Bldg. P14
Lowell/Douglass Sch. W11
Luster, Melvin, home P13
McKinley Sch. J7
Main & Walker Bldgs. H16
Majestic Bldg. J15
Marion Hot. L8
Martinique Hot. L10
Masonic Temple L15
Mayfair Apts. K5
Maywood Presbyterian Q9
Medical Arts/100 Park Avenue Bldg. L15
Mellon's/Rothschild's J16
Melrose Apts. K11
Midcontinent Life Ins. E4
Mideke Supply N16
Midwest Theater J16
Monarch Hot. O14
Montgomery Wards G16
Moon Jr. High T7
Music Hall - Couch Drive F15
National Weather A1
NE 2nd/Deep Deuce
New State Ice L14
Odd Fellows Bldg. G17
Oklahoma S&L K14
Oklahoma G&E J13
Oklahoma Co. Courthouse - Park Ave. I15
Oklahoma City Police - Shartel E15
Oklahoma City/Central High Sch. J10
Oklahoma Club/Tivoli Inn K17
Oklahoma Nat. Gas/Elks J13
Oklahoma County CH - Old G16
Oklahoman - Broadway L12
Oklahoman - Main St. L15
Olivett Baptist Ch. A8
Osler Bldg. H7
OU Med. Sch. U5
Overholser Opera/Orpheum/Warner Theater K16
Parking Garage - Hudson I16
Parking Garage - Park Ave. K15
Patterson Bldg. L16
Perrine/Cravens/Rob. Ren. Bldg. J15
Petroleum/Dowell Bldg. K14
Pioneer Bldg. L13
Plaza Court G7
Plaza Tower Hot. E7
Polyclinic Hospital J5
Post Office 1st L15
Post Office 2nd I15
Post Office 3rd L16
Post Office 4th J13
Ramsey/Apco Tower/Liberty Bank/City PL. K14
Ritz Theater W5
Riverside Park Q18
Rock Island Pass. Depot L15
Rock Island Roundhouse R16
Rolater Hospital Q12
Roosevelt Jr. High A9
Ruby's Grill P14
Santa Fe Depot L18
Sealy House Q10
Sears/Grain Exchange/Miller Bros. I17
Security Bldg. J16
Security National Bank L15
Shidler Sch. R27
Sieber Apt.Hot. I6
Sinclair/Firestone I12
Skirvin Hot. L15
Skirvin Tower Hot. L15
Slaughter Bldg. P14
Southern Club L17
Southwestern Bell L13
Spriggs Hot. E8
St. Nicholas/Earl Hot. L8
St. Anthony's Hospital F8
St. Elijah's Orthodox Ch. B14
St. George's Orthodox Ch. B9
St. John's Baptist Ch. R14
State Theater K16
State Baptist Hospital G5
State National/Hales Bldg. K15
Stiles Circle Q10
Swan/Howard/New Albany/Wren Hot. I16
Tabernacle Baptist Ch. R13
Terminal Bldg. J16
TG&Y K16
Threadgill/Bristol Hot. L14
Tradesmen's National/City National/City Center L16
Trolley Car Barn D13
Uncertain Bldg. south of Bass & Harbour L15
Union Bus Station H16
University Hospital U5
USO - Broadway L15
USO - Eastside Q14
Utopia Hospital Q15, R14
Victoria Apts. L8
Walnut Bridge O15
Walnut Grove Sch. T21
Washburn-Lytle/Kerr Dry Goods Bldg. J16
Washington Sch. G19
Webster/Douglass Sch. O18
Webster Jr. High T7
Wells Fargo Bldg. L16
Wells Roberts Hot. L16
Wesley Hospital J6
Wheeler Park C25
Wolford Apts. F6
YMCA - 2nd St. K14
YMCA - Eastside S13
YMCA - 5th St. K11
YWCA - NE 2nd St. Q14
YWCA - Park Ave. I15
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