Leonhardt Apartments. The Marias des Cygnes Aparment Hotel at 1125 N. Lee, a block north of St. Anthony's Hospital, opened with a 2-page spread of ads in the January 26, 1930, Daily Oklahoman, a small piece of which is show at the right -- the text below the building is more clearly shown below.

At 6-stories, its owner, E.S. Swan, boasted that it was built to last a thousand years and was the finest apartment hotel in Oklahoma City although the nearby Sieber Apartment Hotel built in 1928 at 12th and Hudson might have taken issue with that. Unfortunately, no good photographs have been found of this property.

The property became the Leonhardt Apartments in 1939 and was one of several apartment buildings owned by H.E. (Henry E.) Leonhardt -- his brother, Alford, probably had an interest, as well. For many years, the original Cotton Exchange Building was owned and renamed by H.E. Leonhardt -- today, that building is the Court Plaza Building at 228 Robert S. Kerr Avenue.

The property became and remained vacant after 1979 and was eventually acquired by various owners involved with the Pasteur medical properties north of St. Anthonys. In the end, the property was acquiredby the Leonhardt Development Partnership in 1985 which had been approved for a redevelopment bond to restore the property, as shown in the December 1985 article, below. However, that didn't happen and the property is a vacant lot at the southwest corner of NW 11th and Lee, as is shown by the Microsoft aerial, below.

September 1, 1982

December 19, 1985

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