Lincoln School. I've not been able to confirm the date, but the original 3-story Lincoln School was built at least by 1903 at the location shown in the 1906 Sanborn Map Company map at the top right, between E. 11th and Park Place on the north and south and near Geary Avenue on the west. Click on the maps for larger views.

The residential property on the west, next to Geary Avenue, began to be acquired in 1919 and the school was substantially replaced (the older school remained on the grounds at this point) by a 2-story structure in 1920 which was located nearer Geary than the original.

Below, the 1922 Sanborn map shows that the new facility was constructed in 1920.
A photograph of the original Lincoln School is shown below. I've lost the photo's source and will give credit if it is located later.

A drawing in the May 21, 1918, Daily Oklahoman

As is discussed below, the school became part of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. Below is a photo of Lincoln School after its remodeling as part of the Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics. Doubtless, it is very similar to the 1920 school mentioned above.
Credit this unknown source

Lincoln ceased being used as a city school after the spring 1987 term. As alluded to above, by 1990, interest in creating a new state school for academically gifted students wishing to pursue advanced studies in science and/or mathematics had begun to take hold and, spearhead by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce which pledged $1.5 million toward the project, Lincoln School found new life as the initial part of that school's campus. A pair Oklahoman articles below describe what happened:

March 6, 1991

January 4, 1992

For more about this development, see the Oklahoma School of Science & Math's website. The school's facilities, including the Lincoln School component, are described here, although some statements about Lincoln School's prior history are not quite correct.

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