Littlepage Building. The Littlepage Building was built in 1924 at the southwest corner of Central Avenue & East (now NE) Second Street. William D. Welge's Oklahoma City Redisovered (Arcadia Publishing 2007) said, "[I]t served as the M&M Hotel to meet the needs of a thriving commercial interest of African Americans visiting the city. Such notables as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Joe Louis, Sarah Vaughan, and Nat King Cole registered at the M&M Hotel." Apparently the hotel was located on the 2nd floor since the same source said that the 1st floor contained several businesses -- a restaurant, barbershop, and grocer. Mr. Welge also said that the building served as the headquarters of the Blue Devils band. For a brief article on the apartment building immediately south, click here.

The inset identifying marker at the top of the building looks like this:

The current owners of the building are Kevin and Charifa Smith and Ms. Smith kindly furnished a photo of one of the original owners, below.
1922 Sanborn Map Updated To 1955

"J.S." Littlepage was apparently Junius S. Littlepage identified in the November 4, 1952, obituary below left. As to who "M.E." Littlepage was, I don't presently know. Ms. Smith furnished the photo of one of original owners at the right, Mr. J.S. Littlepage.
Images of the building are shown below. The Littlepage Building was added tothe National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

Below is an early-day photo from the Oklahoma County Assessor's website.

A vintage photo furnished by Charifa Smith

Below, credit William D. Welge Oklahoma City Redisovered (Arcadia Publishing 2007)
A photo he took in 1995

The Littlepage Building is one of the few Deep Deuce original properties to survive the wrecking ball when the area was substantially being converted into to new residential condominium and rental properties. Below is a photo I took in 2008.

As said above, the property is now owned by Charifa and Kevin Smith and they have remodeled part of the 1st floor to be home to a new business, the Sage Gourmet Cafe & Market. Below is a photo I took in early March 2009 when that business was under construction.

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