Maywood Presbyterian Church. Located at 400 NE 9th Street, the building was constructed in 1907 and was declared eligible for the National Register of Historic Places by the Office of Historic Preservation in May 1985. According to information at the Library of Congress' American Memory pages (source of the vintage images below), "Architecturally, the Maywood Presbyterian Church is significant as a good example of Victorian Romanesque ecclesiastical styling with elements of Gothic Revival. Once a popular style, buildings with this rich combination of arches, towers, decorative excess, and brick veneer are rapidly disappearing in Oklahoma City. The church building also is significant for historic reasons. It was one of Oklahoma City's first suburban churches, built in an undeveloped addition more than a mile from the downtown business district, and it stands as the physical legacy of one small congregation's dramatic commitment to building their own place of worship." For more about the property, go to the Library of Congress' American Memory and search for "Oklahoma City." In 1989, HTB, Inc., an architect/engineer/planner firm, acquired the property and used its historic features in restoring and expanding the building for its corporate headquarters, shown after the vintage photographs below.

The Oklahoman, December 31, 1987

The Oklahoman, November 19, 1989

A Microsoft Maps aerial view of the property, north of Stiles Circle

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