The Monarch Hotel. The Monarch Hotel was one of the earliest large buildings on East 2nd Street, apparently built in or certainly by 1909 at 200 E. 2nd, immediately south of where the Calvary Baptist Church would later be built in 1923.

At a time I've not specifically determined but certainly by 1949, the Monarch became the Canton Hotel. The 1922 Sanborn Map Company drawing is shown above. A similar Sanborn map, updated to 1949, is shown at the left.
All description I've located about the Monarch comes from want ads in the Daily Oklahoman between 1909 and 1922: 3-story brick, 46 to 50 rooms. A November 10, 1922, ad was the last I found for the Monarch. I found no mention in the Oklahoman's archives of the Canton Hotel until the early 1950s.

I've located no good photos of the Monarch/Canton, but it is easily identiable in the right foreground of this cropped view of an aerial photo in William D. Welge's Oklahoma City Rediscovered (Arcadia Publishing Company 2007). Calvary Baptist is at the left and a block east is the Aldridge Theater.

The most contemporary mention I located about the Canton was in a reflective January 21, 1997, Oklahoman article in which Willie Rivers recalls having stayed at the Canton about 40 years earlier (presumably 1957 or 1958) at the time of a Civil Rights march to downtown, doubtless origininating at Calvary Baptist Church across the street.

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