NE 2nd Deep Deuce. "Deep Second", later to be called, "Deep Deuce", was the principal commercial and entertainment area for the black population of Oklahoma City in a much earlier day. The area was the venue for much Oklahoma City black heritage as well as for the contributions of many members of the black community to our city's richness. For much more about Deep Deuce history, click here. For aerial photos showing the area, click here. Generally, the area was bounded by NE 4th on the north, the Rock Island Railroad tracks on the south, Walnut Avenue on the West and Byers on the east. But NE 2nd, particularly between Central and Stiles, was the heart of the business and entertainment district, as shown by the photograph below which looks west on NE 2nd from Stiles Avenue.

The marked-up aerial below, looking northeasterly, helps with perspective.

The maps used in this mini-article are Sanborn Insurance Company Maps, the 1922-1949 series blended with the 1922-1955 series to make them as accurate as possible. That means that the maps were originally drawn in in 1922 but were updated through 1949 and 1955. Were the 1922 map, without updates, to have been used, buildings constructed after 1922 (such as the Littlepage Building) would not have been shown in the map. For Sanborn maps which include an expanded area of Deep Deuce (I call them "greater" Deep Deuce), The maps below focus on the area bounded by NE 3 & NE 1st, Walnut & Geary. Click on any map below for a larger view.
The Overall Map. For a 2000 px wide view, click the image below.
For a 3000 px wide view, click here.

Segment 1: Walnut to Central

Segment 2: Central to Stiles

Segment 3: Stiles to Geary

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