Shidler School. Aside from successful commercial ventures, the area south of Reno east of the Santa Fe Railroad extending south to SE 15th, the southern boundary of this vintage map, was an area where people resided, too, many if not all of whom were at least marginally impoverished and were just trying to survive. Generally, the area north of the North Canadian River was Walnut Grove. Shidler School was built in 1930-1931 at 1415 S. Byers and it remains a public school today. Perusing Daily Oklahoman articles indicates that at least some students there were prone to violence and/or other special needs. Several Oklahoman articles indicate that benevolent organizations contributed money and time for the students here (as well as in Walnut Grove School). When Walnut Grove School closed in 1968, its students were reassigned to Shidler. Also, see Walnut Grove School.Walnut Grove School is the top marker; Shidler School is the bottom

I've found no vintage photos; the one below was taken in March 2009

Also, see Walnut Grove School.

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