State Theater. The State Theater opened on March 5, 1937, and was a Columbia movie house. According to internet sources, it seated 1,100 to 800 (reports vary). The State closed in 1970 and was demolished in 1971 during Urban Renewal (see below). I've not located any really good photographs of the State, but the best I have are the two shown below. The 1st was taken in September 1953 when the State was showing the then controversial film, The Moon Is Blue. The 2nd was taken in 1971 during the State's demolition vis a vis Urban Renwal. For a few other photos of the building, click here for my downtown movies article.

Credit Jim Edwards & Hall Ottaway & Mitchell Oliphant The Vanished Splendor III (Abalache Book Shop Publishing Co. 1985).

Credit Steve Lackmeyer & Jack Money, OKC: 2nd Time Around (Full Circle Publishing Co. 2007).

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