Civic Center USO. Until doing a post on the Civic Center, the identification on the postcard, below, baffled me ... Civic Center? That's because my previous mental impression of Civic Center only thought of that term to include the County Courthouse, City Hall, and the Civic Center Music Hall. In fact, the term refers to the whole strip between the Santa Fe tracks and Shartel -- where the Rock Island and Frisco tracks once bisected downtown Oklahoma City. This USO Club was located at the eastmost portion of that tract, 208 North Broadway, and was immediately north of the Skirvin Hotel, where the Rock Island passenger depot once existed. Now, I wonder why I was so slow to figure that out! Constructed during World War II, the property was later used by the Service Center Community Chest Council of Social Welfare but later became the space of the Skirvin's cabana and pool in the 1960s. A much larger wartime USO existed on the west side of Civic Center near the Municipal Building. The postcard below is from my personal collection.

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