Early Day Vice District. Depending upon one's breadth of acceptability, the days following the Land Run and at least through statehood in 1907 provide a colorful panorama of Oklahoma City's vice during that era. In retrospect, sometimes the "bad" stories are part of the best of the "good," if that makes any sense at all. These early days were full of saloons, brothels, and bad guys and gals of all types. A 1903 publication of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce heaped praise on the Southern Club, shown below the map. Perhaps the best chronicler available for these types of stories is Ron Owens in his fine book Oklahoma Justice (Turner Publishing Co. 1995). The map, below, is taken from his book although I've redrawn it here. The map shows the focus of vice in Oklahoma City more than 100 years ago. The area described by Mr. Owens as "Hell's Half Acre" is the bottom area of the map below. The alternate street names are those stated in Mr. Owen's book.

Southern Club in a 1903 Chamber of Commerce Publication

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