Warner Theater. Originally the 1903 Overholser Opera House at 217 W. Grand (Sheridan), notables such as Sarah Bernhardt and Lillian Russell performed there. In 1928, being aquired by Warner Brothers, it became the Orpheum and later the Warner. In the mid-1950s, Warner Bros. renovated the building to become Oklahoma City's first Cinerama theater as shown by the 3rd photo below, taken in 1957. The theater closed in 1964 and today it is part of the Center City Parking garage and lot. For several other photos of the building, click here for my downtown movies article.

Credit the 1st picture to Jim Edwards & Hal Ottaway, The Vanished Splendor (Abalache Book Shop Publishing Co. 1982) and the second to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. Credit the 3nd picture to The Vanished Splendor II. The 4th picture is from my collection -- notice the Beverlys next door.

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