The Story of Oklahoma City

The Story of Oklahoma City by Angelo C. Scott was published in 1939 by the Times-Journal Publishing Co., an early-day publishing company that no longer exists. Scott's credentials credentials to write this book are extraordinarily impressive. In his Preface he states,
I have a more compelling reason for putting this record in permanent form than the hope of remuneration or the pleasure of seeing my writings in print, and this is my very deep conviction than an authentic story of Oklahoma City should be available not only to the readers of today but also to those of the future.
The focus of Scott's book is the period of time covering Oklahoma City's formation beginning with the days immediately before the April 22, 1889, Land Run and extending into the city's first decade or so, i.e., before statehood (even though one chapter, Chapter 26, describes "Oklahoma City Today," today for him being 1938-1939). In 2009, 70 years after the book's publication, Scott's audience from the future is still listening and reading what he had to say even though the audience may have heretofore been limited to the small numbers of people who actually own a copy of the book. With this, the audience becomes limited only by interest because this makes the book available to all.

The contents of this series of html pages, and the corresponding PDF file, are the page-by-page scans that I have made from my own copy of Scott's marvelous little book. If you want the actual physical book, know that is has been out of print for 70 years but that a few copies can be found at and various other places but not very many. I've also made a bookmarked PDF version for those who want it. At 39.4 MB, it's a large file and unless you are on a broadband connection I don't recommend that you try to open or download it ... but if you want to open or download the single PDF file, this is the link to do that ... but read this PDF note before you do: If you want to download the file to your computer (my recommendation) instead of opening it in your web browser, instead of left-clicking on the just-shown link, right-click on the link and select the appropriate item in the pop-up list which will appear in Firefox the menu choice is "Save Link As ..." and in IE Explorer the menu choice is "Save Target As ...". To use the html version of the book, continue reading and go to the chapter that you want.

Enjoy, and thank you Angelo Scott for your view into our common past.

In each of the book's elements shown below, links are present at the top of each html page to (1) Return here to this "Index" page, (2) Move "Back" to the previous chapter, and (3) Move forward to the "Next" chapter, my intention being to help navigate in the html version of this publication.
  • Cover, etc. Cover, inside cover, copyright notice
  • Introductory Preface, graphic, author information, contents
  • Chapter 1 The First Day
  • Chapter 2 The First Great Meeting
  • Chapter 3 The Beginning of Trouble - The 1st Election
  • Chapter 4 The 89ers - The Board of Trade
  • Chapter 5 Kickapoos & Seminoles - Proposed Territorial Government
  • Chapter 6 Early Newspapers - Captain Stiles - Charter Agitation
  • Chapter 7 The Charter Election
  • Chapter 8 End of Provisional Government - Sidney Clark - Grand Canal
  • Chapter 9 Two Great Leaders - C.G. Jones & Henry Overholser
  • Chapter 10 Early Churches - A Man and a Maid
  • Chapter 11 Beginnings of Education - Mrs. Douglas & The Judge
  • Chapter 12 A Gay Winter - A Vistor - Awakening of Politics
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