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Book Contents
   Chapter 1: First, Before you Go any Further
Chapter 2: Jurisdiction & Venue Issues
Chapter 3: Procedure
Chapter 4: Divorce Issues
Chapter 5: Post-Divorce Issues
Chapter 6: Additional Resources

Chapter Contents
1.1 Adversaries & Finality of Judgment
1.2 Divorce Kits
1.3 Lawyers
1.4 Mediation

In Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Meat Loaf's response, when confronted with, "Stop right there! Before you go any further, I want to know right now...", was initially, though not finally, replied to with great wisdom: "Let me sleep on it, Baby, baby let me sleep on it, Let me sleep on it and I'll give you an answer in the morning."

Though not very lawyerly, my suggestion in these First Thoughts is, before you go any further, sleep on it, and do not skip this chapter!