A Common Person's WordPerfect Macro Manual

A Common Person's WordPerfect Macro Manual

The "announcement" for this project was made in December 2002 at WordPerfect Universe, the singularly superior internet source for WordPerfect knowledge and help, http://www.wpuniverse.com. I was a bit tardy in my delivery - it was made more than one year after the announcement of this WordPerfect macros manual, largely due to incorporating suggestions from a few participants at WordPerfect Universe, most profoundly from J. Dan Broadhead. For me, that Internet Forum has been and is my wellspring of not only learning new things, but, as importantly, it provides the glue which binds a very special WordPerfect community. My decision to finally finish this project was in large part motivated by my wish to "give something back" to that community which had given me so much in recent years. Among my many benefactors, I particularly single those identified in the acknowledgments, below.

A Common Person's WordPerfect Macro Manual is one document broken into 13 PDF files for Internet access purposes. Each file is extensively linked to the others, so, if you open any segment (Chapter), all the others will be accessible within any chapter in a menu similar to the one below. The manual will be more easily used if you download the PDF files to your computer. If you download any file, it's best to download them all and to the same directory, else the links will not work.

I'm intending to expand the Common Person's WordPerfect Macros Manual to include one or more additional Chapters before the end of 2005. The new Chapter I've already identified is, "Macros That Work With WordPerfect Tables," but I am open to additional suggestions, time and knowledge permitting. Send me an E-mail, if you want, about what to include, or correct, in the next revision.

Revision History: 3/28/2004 (initial release); 3/30 and 3/31/2004 (preliminary corrections); 6/22/2004 (1st largely substantive update); and 7/2/2004 (added an important comment in Chapter 9's wp9select.wcm macro). If you have previously downloaded the manual, in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader with a chapter open, click File |Document Properties|Summary. If the Release Date is not shown to match the dates identified for each chapter, below, you should download the newer file(s) for earlier files with the same name. Even though most chapters had no substantive change in the 6/22/04 release, pagination, bookmarks, and links are all different. In the main, the 6/22/2004 release made subtantial changes to Chapter 9's Math.wcm and ConvertFE.wcm and added another macro in that chapter, wp9select.wcm (to deal with Wp10 and later's text selection method). Several commands have been added to Chapter 10's Glossary. Blank pages have been added after each chapter for notes and later expansion.

A Common Person's Macro Manual, copyright 2004 by Doug Loudenback, Oklahoma City, OK, All Rights Reserved


Preface & Table of Contents


Pages 1 - 4

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Chapter 1

Additional Resources


Pages 5 - 12

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Chapter 2

Understanding Macros


Pages 13 - 18

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Chapter 3

First Things About Writing Macros


Pages 19 - 23

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Chapter 4

Controlling Macro Flow


Pages 24 - 27

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Chapter 5

Using the Dialog Editor


Pages 28 - 46

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Chapter 6

Math Routines


Pages 47 - 59

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Chapter 7

Date Routines


Pages 60 - 65

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Chapter 8

DialogShow and Callback Routines


Pages 66 - 99

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Chapter 9

Macro Examples


Pages 100 - 133

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Chapter 10

Glossary of Terms & Commands


Pages 134 - 185

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Pages 186 - 190

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Release Notes


Pages 191-192

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Primary Acknowledgments

● WordPerfect Universe. It is the singularly most important Internet presence for learning and sharing WordPerfect news, information, problems, hopes and, when warranted, distress and frustration. Originally founded by Gordon McComb many years earlier, in 2000 Paula Ford became co-Administrator with him and then the Administrator of WPU. During that period of time, it began to open itself to all WordPerfect comers ranging from those having keenly developed skills to those having very few but wanting to learn. In 2003, when the need arose, Jan Berinstein assumed the Administrator's mantle and WordPerfect Universe has continued to expand and thrive under her leadership and efforts. These people, and their able assistants, have created the "place" that many WordPerfect afficionados call their home, as do I. The existence of that "place", and its numerous gifts to me, provided the impetus for me to want to "give something back". Hence, this manual came to exist.

● J. Dan Broadhead. Does anything more need to be said than merely his name? While Paula, Jan, and others provide the "place" for us to be, JDan regularly and continuously provides not only much of the substance but also the stamp of credibility as to WordPerfect Universe's Macro Forum element. I'm guessing, but I'd suppose that without his presence at WordPerfect Universe, some of the other superior contributors to the Macros Forum element would never have joined in and would not have become the exceptional contributors that they are. If you don't know who JDan is, you will read about him in A Common Person's Macro Manual. His contributions to my learning and the content of this manual since its original 12/2002 draft have profoundly reshaped its content – even though I know that I still have much to learn.