PlanningCalendar.wcm & PlanningCalendar.wpd (Beta release 2 on 4/25/2005)

A Gif animation of PlanningCalendar.wpd is shown below, cycling through some of the routines. If you want to install PlanningCalendar.wcm and PlanningCalendar.wpd to your computer, click the Download link below and save the file to your Windows Desktop. There, double-click on the executable file, SetupPlCal.exe, and the 2 files will be installed to C:\WpMacros. Allow the PlanningCalendar.wpd file to open in WordPerfect at the end of the installation. In that document, click the Help link for more information. Although PlanningCalendar.wpd is initially installed to C:\WpMacros, you can save it or other files cloned from it anywhere you want. All "cloned" copies of this file will work in the same way, regardless of filename or folder/directory.

With this Release, the macro should now work in WordPerfect 8 through 12. The WordPerfect macro is precompiled for Wp12. If you don't run the macro in Wp 12, but run it in WordPerfect 9 Service Pack 4 and later, when you first run the macro you will probably get a "Warning" message about the "GetData" command, like that shown here. When/if you do, click the "Continue Compilation" button and the macro will compile. This will happen 2 times.



You are free to use, modify, play with, whatever, this macro, but, that said, it may NOT be used for any sale purposes, and no warranties exist, express or implied, for any purpose whatever. You are on your own!


Download SetupPlCal.exe