WordPerfect 11 Warning!

WordPerfect 11 (original edition ... apparently got something wrong with some of its initial macro stuff (not the code you write, but something internal to WordPerfect)... at least that's what's said in the Corel Wp11 newsgroups. Those problems were supposedly fixed in WPO11 SP 1 (

Problem is, macros containing the affected macro commands don't recompile in either specific release of Wp11 ... so, macros compiled in Wp11 “original” WILL run and NOT recompile in Wp11 SP 1 BUT THEY WILL RUN WRONGLY, and, conversely, macros compiled in Wp11 SP 1 WILL run and NOT recompile in Wp11 original BUT THEY WILL RUN WRONGLY.

Particularly, I've noticed the date system commands, e.g., ?DateDay, ?DateMonth, ?DateYear) result in that effect. For example, where August 17, 2003, is the computer clock date, if you set up a variable to return a string value of 8/17/2003 (where the month, day, year are obtained using the date system commands mentioned, the value assigned to the variable may be (it was for me) "Monday/12/8" when the same macro runs in WordPerfect 11, SP 1. If you then force recompilation of the macro in Wp 11 SP1, the value assigned to the variable will be correct. BUT, if you then run the macro in Wp11 (original) the same erroneous value, “Monday/12/8" is assigned to the variable. Other macro commands may be similarly affected in Wp 11.


A) This can be done one macro at a time: 1) Open a macro that's not working correctly; 2) Add a space at the top of the macro; 3) Delete the space just added; and 4) Click the Save & Compile button at the top of the 'white space'. That should fix the particular macro.
B) This can be done one directory at a time: I've made a macro you are welcome to have, Get&Compile.wcm. This macro will automatically recompile ALL macros within any directory you specify. See the description of Get&Compile.wcm for more information and/or to download the macro.