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WordPerfect Resources – Links Only

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CUA & Dos Keyboards (pdf)
Changing Doc & Footnote Syles (pdf)

Wp 10 Review

Wp 11 Review

Wp12 - Who Should Buy?



Part I: Getting Down The Basics


A Common Person's Macro Manual (opens in separate window)

Mike Fitzhugh's PerfectScript Arrays
PDF Version  WordPerfect Version

WP 10/11 Commands (pdf)

Wp11 Macro Warning

Get&Compile (download)

Get&Compile (screenshot)

CleanDoc (download)

CleanDoc (screenshot)

ChangeForm (download)

ChangeForm (screenshot)

ConvertFE (download)

ConvertFE (screenshot)

Math (download)

Math (screenshot)

Qopen (download)

Qopen (screenshot)

QzipBar (download)

QzipBar (screenshot)

PlanningCalendar (screenshot & download, if desired)

Running Macros From Your Keyboard (pdf)


Toolbar Macros (html)

Keyboard Shortcuts (html)

Using Paste Special (html)

Dot Leaders (html)

Skewed Tables (html)

Spreadsheets to make Mailing Labels (pdf)

Spreadsheets to make Mailing Labels (no graphics)

LINKS – Learning & Help

* WordPerfect Universe *

WPO Community (old)
WPO Community (new)

Knowledge Base (all)

J Dan’s PS Ramblings

Gordon McComb

Laura Acklen

Julie Jeppson

Julie Jeppson’s ?RightCodes

Barry MacDonnell

ErinShore’s Wp v. Word

Jim Shackelford

Lemoto's Lair (Roy Lewis)



Wp 11

Wp 10


 Corel Website

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FTP - All Wp Versions

Wp11 & Wp11 SDK

Wp10 & WpLook.exe

Wp 10 Templates

Wp 9

Wp 8