Grande Macros Licensed Users Area

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Licensed Grande Macros users may download upgrades to v4.0, v4.5 or v5.0 or v5.5 or v6.0 Grande Macros here. If you are NOT a licensed user and slipped in through my password screening, you don’t belong here and shouldn’t download anything.
Instead, you should order the program to become a legal user. The price is right ($75-$80 or $145-$150.

Download and Installation Instructions.

v4.0 and v4.5 Users: Your Grande Macros directory is ALWAYS C:\GRANDE4.
v5.0 and v5.5 Users: Your Grande Macros directory is ALWAYS C:\GRANDE5.

v6.0 Users: Your Grande Macros directory is ALWAYS C:\GRANDEMACROS.

So, after you've downloaded a file, be sure to finish your installation to the correct directory.
Click here for detailed instructions. v5.5 is shown in the illustrations, but the same principles are applicable to all versions.

Click a link, below, to move to your version's available downloads:

v4.0 or v4.5 Grande Macros Users

v5.0 Grande Macros Users

v5.0, v4.5, maybe v4.0, Child Support Macro Fix (6/19/2002)

Macro to delete v5.0 or v4.5 Grande Macros items in your Tools menu (8/20/2002)

v5.5 Users Area

v5.5 Service Pack 3 and 4 Area

v5.5 Decree of Divorce Revision

v5.5 Clerk Patch

v6.0 Patches

v4.0/v4.5 Grande Macros Users

If you have v4.0 or v4.5 Grande Macros, three modifications are available, depending on your v4x Grande Macros version. NOTE that for the installation to work, you MUST have v4.0 or v4.5 Grande Macros installed on your computer before attempting the installation. And, NOTE for WordPerfect 9.0 users: Corel made changes to its macro code beginning with WordPerfect 9.0 Service Pack 4, which have carried forward into WordPerfect 10. If your WordPerfect 9.0 specific release is LOWER THAN (the release version for Service Pack 4), you can use these modifications. Otherwise, they will fail to run properly. To see your specific release version, with WordPerfect open, click Help|About WordPerfect... in the WordPerfect menu. A dialog will open telling you your specific release version. These downloads will NOT work in WordPerfect or any release of WordPerfect 10. No further upgrades to v4.0 or v4.5 Grande Macros will be made than are shown here.


(1) v4.0 ONLY (these changes are already present in v4.5): a 5/4/2000 general upgrade included these items: GRANDE.WCM - adds "Add Grande Macros To Toolbar" menu item and makes other "behind the scenes" changes to improve the program as well as the following:

LHSTYLE.WCM - corrects an error to make the macro work

MAILCERT.WCM - improved routines in certificate of mailing

MYGRANDE.WCM - revised to ensure Wp version compatibility

SETUPGM.WCM - ditto the above and adding an icon to Wp toolbar is added to the personal setup

WAIVER.WCM - improved routines

 Download v4.0 Mod1 (same for WordPerfect 6.1 ~ 9.0 - see above Note)


(2) v4.0/v4.5 CHILD SUPPORT UPGRADE: a 10/1/2000 upgrade for improved child support program, computations, and forms. Download the file matching your WordPerfect version (and, v4.0 users, AFTER you have downloaded/installed [1], above):

 Download for Wp6.1

 Download for Wp7.0

 Download for Wp8.0

 Download for Wp9.0 [see above note]


(3) v4.0/v4.5 INCOME ASSIGNMENT UPGRADE: a 9/4/2001upgrade was made for changes in the law concerning income assignments. Download the file matching your WordPerfect version (and, v4.0 users, AFTER you have downloaded/installed [1], above):

 Download for Wp6.1

 Download for Wp7.0

 Download for Wp8.0 or Wp9.0 [see above note]


NOTE: If you are a WordPerfect 10 user or are using WordPerfect, read the above note.

v5.0 Grande Macros Users

If you have v5.0 Grande Macros, one (1) modification was made. If your v5.0 Grande Macros CD has a file on it called “ReleaseNotes.txt”, read it. The initial v5.0 Grande Macros CD did NOT contain that file. The release (12/12/2001) does, and that file reads:


Version Release Date: 12/12/2001

This release fixes 2 macros in the original (11/15/2001) installation disk:

(1) Income Assignment: In the 11/15/2001 release, the semi-monthly and bi-weekly amounts to be withheld were reversed when the Order/Notice was written. That is fixed.

(2) Firm Letters: In the 11/15/2001 release, when writing letters for "named" lawyer groups, e.g., Loudenback Associates, if the personal setup indicated that a "Style" (WordPerfect Style feature) would be used when writing letters, the Letters macro left out a pair of quotation marks in its macro code which prevented that from successfully occurring. That is fixed.

So, if your v5.0 Grande Macros CD contains “ReleaseNotes.txt”, shown above, you don’t need the modification, below. Otherwise, you do. Naturally, you should download the file which matches your version of WordPerfect, e.g., Wp6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0. After you’ve downloaded a file, follow the installation instructions, above.

 Download for WordPerfect 6.1

 Download for WordPerfect 7.0

 Download for WordPerfect 8.0

 Download for WordPerfect 9.0

 Download for WordPerfect 10.0

6/19/2002 - CHILD SUPPORT MACRO FIX: Jim Slayton, Oklahoma City, discovered that an error message occurs in the Child Support macro when 'Other support paid' or 'Monthly debt' exceed $999.99 a month. This explains how to fix that. You should print this section and then do the following:

1) Open C:\Grande5\Csupport.wcm into WordPerfect for editing (v4.5 or v4.0 users, substitute C:\Grande4\Csupport.wcm) - either do Tools|Macro|Edit and edit the C:\Grande5\Csupport.wcm file or open the C:\Grande5\Csupport.wcm file using File|Open, it doesn't matter.

2) With Csupport.wcm open for editing, find "Label(mNum)". In v5.0, it starts at Line 2137 or so (Line numbers are at the far left of the page).

3) Correct the contents of that label so that they read like this (the "bold" doesn't matter one way or the other but is shown for emphasis here):

y=Strlen(Num1) Switch(y)
Caseof 6: n01=Substr(Num1;1;3) n02=Substr(Num1;4;3) Num1=n01+","+n02
Caseof 5: n01=Substr(Num1;1;2) n02=Substr(Num1;3;3) Num1=n01+","+n02
Caseof 4: n01=Substr(Num1;1;1) n02=Substr(Num1;2;3) Num1=n01+","+n02
EndSwitch Return

In your present Csupport.wcm macro, in Label(mNum) n1 and n2 are used instead of n01 and n02. Each n1 should be changed to n01 and each n2 should be changed to n02, as shown above. The '0' is a zero.

4) If you are a WordPerfect 8, 9 or 10 user (but not 6.1 or 7.0), I've also noticed that the macro contains some archaic code for the Print command. While your at it, you can do a search and replace for "PrintFullDoc" and replace it with "Print". As I recall, there are 5 instances. If you're using WordPerfect 10 or WordPerfect 9 (Service Pack 3 or 4), when you click the Compile button, you will get warnings if the PrintFullDoc commands are in the macro ... the warnings can be ignored by proceeding with the compilation when you get the errors. PrintFullDoc still "works" but you might as well clean up the code. In Wp9 Sp3, PerfectScript was changed to prompt users of outdated commands/code, even though they still work. That's why you'd be getting such a compilation warning.

5) When you're done editing the macro, click the Save & Compile button in the Macro Toolbar. When compilation is done, close the file. The 'fix' is done.


This small macro gets rid of unwanted Grande Macros items in your WordPerfect Tools menu list. It works ONLY in WordPerfect 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0. It works in both the lawyer and judge versions of v4.5 or v5.0 Grande Macros. The self-extracting Winzip file (DelMenu.exe) will install the macro and a text file (the text file will open after the installation is done and it contains further instructions. By default, the installation is to the C:\Grande5 directory, but you can change that and it doesn't matter where you install the macro to (as long as you DO REMEMBER where you installed the macro to - you will need to know that location when you run the macro). You can handle the "download" in 1 of 2 ways: 1) [recommended] Download the file to a place of easy access to you, such as your Windows Desktop. Then, after you've downloaded DelMenu.exe, double-click on that file to install the macro on your computer; or 2) After clicking on the link below, instead of saving the file to disk, you can instead Open the file and it will proceed to install while your web browser is open. Download DelMenu.exe

v5.5 Grande Macros Patches. Initial release date was 12/2/2002.

UPDATE AS TO PATCH 1. On 12/9/2002, Patch 1 became available for download here. Patch 1 is now withdrawn. During the prior week, I learned that Grande Macro dialogs which attempt to open in Windows 2000 computers, but on which computers the Inso Outside-In file viewers were not installed (the Inso Quick View Plus and its related file viewers has been included on WordPerfect's Installation CD's since Wp6.1, but not everyone chose to install them). So, I've revised all macros containing such file viewer dialogs. A replacement v5.5 Grande Macros installation CD, containing fixes for that problem, as well as the Logan/Payne County standard visitation orders, as well as some other minor fixes, is being shipped to all purchasers who purchased v5.5 Grande Macros prior to 12/11/2002. Since that replacement CD includes Patch 1, Patch 1 is no longer available.

PATCH 2. 2/15/2003. This replaces the Patch2 posted here on 2/12/2003. This Patch 2 is the same as Patch 2 posted 2/12/2003, except that it also includes the revised Csummary.wcm. To determine if you need this patch, read the READ55.txt file in the root directory of your v5.5 Grande Macros installation CD. If the Release Date is earlier than 2/15/2003, you should download and install Patch 2 unless you have already done so. Otherwise, you don't need it.

The 2/15/2003 Patch 2 contains these replacement files:

MyGrande.wcm and Summons.wcm. Someone (me) made a programming error as to reading computer clock dates so that 'default' party-status names for certain documents (e.g., a post 11/1/2002 dissolution Petition should use the 'new' words, Petitioner, Respondent, Response, etc.) and the 'new' case caption structure (In re the Marriage of...). BUT, the code I originally wrote does not accomplish that and erroneous 'nag' screens wrongly tell you that you are probably using the wrong case structure. These 2 revised macros fix that.

SetupGM.wcm. In WordPerfect 10 and the latest release of WordPerfect 9, the Personal Setup Macro (Setupgm.wcm) automatically completes the 'final' step for a user - recompilation of MyGrande.wcm which contains a user's personal setup information. But, that automatic recompilation would not occur in WordPerfect 8 or earlier releases of WordPerfect 9. SetupGM.wcm has been revised so that, hopefully, automatic completion of the last step will occur for all WordPerfect versions, 8.0 and higher.

OkClerks.wcm. OkClerks.wcm has been updated through 2/6/2003 to include updated information for Oklahoma Court Clerks (a couple of names have been changed, address information has been updated).

The Grande Macros manual (Grande.wpd) has been fixed to correct a bad hyperlink in that file ... in the 'Sensible Start' area.

Csummary.wcm. In the Summary of Support Order (SOSO) form, if a user selected 'Modification' as the type of support order, the 'Modification box didn't get checked. This fixes that.

Installation Instructions: Click in the 'Download' link below and save the file, Patch2.exe, to your Windows Desktop (or some other location you prefer). After downloading, double-click on the Patch2.exe file. It will autmatically update v.5.5 Grande Macros. I also recommend that you save a copy of Patch2.exe to a floppy disk and use that disk to upgrade v5.5 Grande Macros on any other computers on which you have installed v5.5 Grande Macros. If you want more detailed download and installation instructions, click here. Download Patch 2 862 KB


PATCH 3A. (8/10/2003). Patch3A is NOT inclusive of Patch 2. Patch 3A contains major additions to v5.5 Grande Macros. Among other things, it works in WordPerfect 8, 9, 10 or 11, regardless of which of those versions of WordPerfect you run Grande Macros in. Major revisions: VISITATION schedules for each Oklahoma county which has an official or defacto standard visitation order (and the 16 which don't are identified; a comparative analysis of the schedules is also presented; COURTHOUSE MAPS are added for all county courthouses; COURT CLERKS are not only updated, but a totally new macro has been added which let you make your own changes to court clerk names, addresses, phone numbers. Click here to read more. Download v55patch3A.exe 3.57 MB

PATCH 3B. (8/10/2003). Patch3B IS inclusive of Patch 2. It contains everything that Patch 3A does, and also includes the Patch 2 upgrade files. If you've not installed Patch 2, you should skip doing that and install Patch 3B instead.
Click here to read more.
Download v55patch3B.exe 4.09 MB

PATCH 4. (8/17/2003, revising 8/15 and 8/16 posts to correct the McIntosh County Courthouse map and to add improved error trapping routines in GrandeMath). Well, call me anal, crazy or whatever, but after I made the SP 3 stuff, above, it dawned on me that I could incorporate the courthouse and regional maps made for SP 3 into the Oklahoma Mileage macro. So, I've totally rewritten the mileage macro (OkMiles.wcm). The mileage macro not only computes mileage and travel times between cities more quickly, it writes the regional and county courthouse maps which I made for SP 3 for the cities you select (except that I've converted the Compuserve "Gif" files to WordPerfect Graphics "Wpg" files. Service Pack 4 also inludes a new macro for recompiling all Grande Macros for different WordPerfect versions (8 though 11). If you're a WordPerfect 11 user and upgrade Wp 11 with a WPO 11 Service Pack, I strongly recommend that you run this macro. It is accessed from the revised Setup.wpd file.
Click here to for a screen shot of the mileage macro.
Download v55patch4.exe 1.65 MB

You should NOT install Service Patch 3(A or B) AFTER you've installed Service Patch 4. Do SP 3 first, and then install Service Patch 4. Your personal setup is not affected by Service Patch 4.

If your web browser software won't let you accept 'executable ... exe' file attachments, you'll need to find someone to let you use HIS/HER computer to do the download and then copy the downloaded file to a Compact Disk.

REVISED DIVORCE DECREE MACRO (8/28/2003, revising DivDec.wcm). On 8/26/2003, Grande Macros User Ethan Allen reported an error in making a divorce decree where neither party was ordered to pay child support - sad to say, the error message dialog opened and the macro stopped before the draft decree was done. I've determined the cause of the error and have fixed it in the revised DivDec.wcm. The revised macro file is contained in a self-extracting Winzip file, DivDec.exe. Save that file to your Windows desktop and, when ready, double-click on the file, being sure to unzip the file to C:\Grande5 (which it's set up to do by default). This file is NOT included in any of the above Service Packs. This file will only work in v5.5 Grande Macros and is NOT on any v5.5 Grande Macros Installation CD.
Download Divdec.exe 189 KB

REVISED COURT CLERK MACROS (9/11/2003, revising OkClerks.wcm and FixClerks.wcm). In addition to providing updated court clerk data per the Court Administrator's office, the OkClerks.wcm file has been revised to include Court Clerk E-Mail addresses. The FixClerks.wcm macro has been revised to accomodate that new data item. The new generated 3-page report of Court Clerk information includes clickable hyperlinks which allow you to send an immediate E-Mail to any Court Clerk that has an E-Mail address (most do). This file is NOT included in any of the above Service Packs. This file will only work in v5.5 Grande Macros and is NOT on any v5.5 Grande Macros Installation CD. Download v55ClerkPatch.exe 410 KB

Grande Macros 6.0 Patch Area. Grande Macros 6.0 was initially released on 2/23/2004.

GM6 PATCH1. Patch 1 release date is 6/4/2004 (revised slightly on 6/6/2004; if you already have 6/4/04 Patch 1, no real need exists to re-download the 6/6/04 slightly revised version, but it's OK to do if you want). Numerous "fixes" have been made and a totally new macro, Temporary Orders (for divorce, separation, annulment or paternity cases), is included. GrandeMath has been substantially revised to give more options and better number handling for very large (eg, quadrillion) numbers.
Click here to read the Release Notes.  Click here to download Grande Macros 6.0 Patch 1  1.14 MB


Installation Instructions: Click on the above download link and save the file to your Windows desktop. Exit this page. On your Windows Desktop, double-click on the downloaded file, GM6Patch1.exe. It will have a Grande Macros icon. Follow all installation instructions. At the end of the installation, you will be advised to open Patch1.wpd, a WordPerfect file. IT IS ESSENTIAL that installation be completed IN WordPerfect and FROM that file. So, do that when you are instructed to do so.

PATCHES NOT INCLUDED ON THE INSTALLATION CD: Presently (as of 10/2007), there are 2, Patch 2 and Patch 3. Each of these needs to be installed SEQUENTIALLY (i.e., 1st install Patch 2, then install Patch 3) but you can download the patch files from here at the same time ... I recommend you download the patch files to your Windows Desktop.

GM 6.0 Patch2. This patch doesn't "fix" anything and it doesn't affect your personal setup. It "adds" things - High Income Child Support Computations. A new 6.0 Menu item is added - "Child Support in High Income Cases". It also modifies Grande Macros 6.0 so that when you run the Child Support Computation macro, "high income" (over 15,000 parental incomes) exhibits can be prepared which reflect child support computation under either or both of the Mocnik and/or Smith appellate decisions. WARNING! Child Support Computations "over the top" are always done on a case by case basis, and, so, either the Mocnik (especially) and/or Smith computations produced by Grande Macros should be seen as instructive and/or possibilities instead of what would necessarily happen in a particular case. Click here to download Patch 2  547 KB  Click here for a screenshot

Installation Instructions. Download GM6Patch2.exe to your Windows Desktop. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the new macros and other files. That's it. Although the new and/or revised macros are precompiled in WordPerfect 13, they will automatically recompile when run in WordPerfect 8 through 12 the 1st time you use them.

GM 6.0 Patch3 (revised 1/23/2008). This patch modifies the child support program to include the correct "default" minimum wage amounts which occur in July 2007, July 2008, and July 2009. The correct "default" minimum wage number will appear in the program based upon your computer's internal clock ... so be sure that your computer's clock is set correctly!   Download Patch 3

NOTE that this patch replaces a patch by the same name posted before 1/23/2008 which contained errors (not computational but macro errors about setting minimum wage correctly) fixed with the 1/23/2008 version. Once again, after downloading from here, double-click on the downloaded files to install them to your C:\GrandeMacros directory, and do so in the correct sequence ... 1st, Patch 2, and then, Patch 3.

If you have suggested changes/fixes you'd like to see in v6.0 Grande Macros, or if you have any questions or problems with Grande Macros, click here to E-mail me a message

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